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Here we see Aresin Looming, BUM BUM BUM!~

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAresin
AgeAppears somewhere in the 20s
HeightAround 5'11
WeightNot much most likely
SummaryAresin is a Poke'morph, a Flareon Poke'morph to be specific. Whilst he retains most of the common physical attributes of a Flareon, Aresin tends to be a bit forward in terms of personality. He rarely stands down in a social situation and for that same reason has a hard time meeting and greeting new people without sending them off leaving a bad impression. It isn't that Aresin is mean; he's simply blunt and refuses to lie to people even at the sacrifice of feelings and personal bonds. On a brighter note, the Flareon does seem to have a twisted sense of humor; finding nothing more entertaining than a good roast of another beings character.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrightly colored crimson fur on the most part, soft patches of slightly discolored red all over his body. His tail is a brightly colored sun flavor, with the golden turning slightly dingy towards the tips of the tail.
Hair ColourThe same golden color as his hair, Aresin's mane of hair sweeps down to the small of his back in a messy flurry of strands and bangs.
Eye ColourA deep pair of almost amber eyes.
ClothingNone more often than not, but if he must be kept decent or so people would say, he's not above wearing any type of pants or clothing.
WeaponryThe basic variety of poke'mon fire abilities.
Special AbilitiesWhen in contact with any direct source of fire, Aresin has glutenous growth patterns, depending on the intensity of the flame and the exposure time. This works in Vice Versa with extreme cold or flat out water and ice.

Personality & Background

BackgroundAresin is fairly certain on how he came to be, thanks to the outstanding news stories from years back about a science group running strengthening routines on poke'mon. Aresin being caught up in the entire fiasco was one of the few poke'mon to quietly fad into the background when the entire project came crashing down when a few of the poke'mon broken out and destroyed the entire faculty.
LikesFire and cooking, given his natural talent with fire, Aresin will try and cook nearly anything put before him. He also has a near unhealthy infatuation with the rumps of various creatures and is still trying to figure out for himself why...He also enjoys a round of mini-golf from time to time.
DislikesA lot of things, mostly ice and other poke'mon of his specific type. The entire alphamale thing kicking in when other Flareon's are about and given his general weak physique compared to some others, Aresin likes being a loner in that category.
LocationThis Flareon is always on the move, enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing in his hair as he dashes, or riding a bike weather and terrain permitting. So it's hard to pin-point his exact location
OccupationWould like to be a Chef someday, but doesn't think the world is ready for an anthropomorphic Flareon to take up the knife and fork yet.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I love you...and your Momma."

Stay in Contact

AIMKazuke Taro