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"Curiosity isn't always a good thing."

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSheela
AgeRefuses to tell, Late teens - early 20s?
HeightAppears to be around 5 Feet. (And up.)
WeightREFUSES to be weighed. (284 lbs. and up)
SummarySheela is a perky, voluptuous Lombax lady with a healthy appetite. She's a mechanic and an inventor, and she loves her job. She's insecure about her unique physique, and keeps to herself for the most part. A bit of a nerd, she enjoys to stay in her work stall and invent and/or fix things with occasional tinkering to make them better. She's friendly and chipper, but very curious.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA mixture of creams and light browns. Very soft and remotely short. It's a bit fluffy around her cheeks, knees and her elbows, but that's about it.
Hair ColourA deep, dark, slightly pale brown that's very shiny, like it has oil in it.
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingA tight fitting jumpsuit that was made for her by her coworker, because the normal ones kept ripping due to her figure. It has a tempered steel name-tag on it and it zippers down the front with a hole in the back for her tail. She also wears sandals that were made by her coworker as well, made specifically because of the size of her paws.

Her second outfit is a pair of ripped blue jean short-shorts and a formfitting white tank top.

Last but not least is her space-travel suit, which is best depicted by the picture. Though it may not look fit for space, the white glowing orbs emanate a strong shield that protects her body.
AccessoriesA strange necklace with a purple marble-like ball. It has blue swirls in it, and appears to even have stars. In reality, there's a galaxy in it. It's held onto a beaten black leather strap by a steel clasp. A pair of orange goggles with a dial on the side. They have lots of functions and are constantly being updated by her coworker. Their original use was for magnification. A heavy duty watch that reads in several times and constantly updates as the wearer moves. A simple belt with a holster attachment.
WeaponryA very unique raygun that she built herself. It has two dials; One for setting and one for intensity. The intensity reads 0 through 10, and level 10 is broken, thus it's actually level 20.

The settings thus far are:

Stun - Intensity setting determines the effectiveness and amount of time that the target remains stunned.

Invisibility - Intensity setting determines the amount of time that the invisibility lasts.

Transformation - Intensity setting determines what the target is transformed into.

Singular Expansion - Intensity setting determines how much the singular area of the target is expanded.

Singular Compression - Intensity setting determines how much the singular part of the target is compressed.

Intact Expansion - Intensity setting determines how much the target is expanded in general. (Full body growth.)

Intact Compression - Intensity setting determines how much the target is compressed in general. (Full body shrinking.)

Transformation Settings

1: Particle Solidification/Transmogrification - This setting can turn the target into a general inanimate object. Popular things that people can turn into on setting one are statues, dolls, paper weights, cups, cutlery. Really the only limit is one’s imagination.

2: Partial Genus Reassignment - This turns the target into a random species. There’s really no telling what they’ll turn into, but in the end it’ll still be anthromorphic.

3: Complete Genus Reassignment - This turns the target into a random feral species.

4: Atomic Nourishment Conversion - This turns the target into something more… edible. It can range over any type of food, from vegetables to candies.

5: Molecular Liquification Distribution - Turns the target into a liquid us form, also known as a goo-person.

6: Hyperon Digital Matter-to-Data Converter - This turns the target into raw data and automatically uploads them to Sheela’s PDA, leaving her to do what she wishes with the data once it’s there.

7: Molecular Vaporization - This turns the target into a general vapor, mist or fume.

8: Appendage Repproximation - This can either add limbs to the target, or take them away. Again, it’s completely random.

9: Gender Reassignment/Transfiguration - Changes the target’s gender.

10: This setting is tricky. Seeing as setting ten malfunctions often and is really level twenty, this causes the setting to take on a random combination of ANY of the levels with each pull of the trigger. A roulette of sorts. There’s no telling what could happen if you get shot by this setting.
Special AbilitiesSheela has an outstanding and uncanny talent when it comes to munitions. It's not quite known why she's so good with plasma and chemical weaponry, and when asked about it, she skillfully dodges the question every time.
Outstanding FeaturesThere are several things about Sheela that ultimately make her a very unique creature. It's not exactly known why or how she became the way she is, but more than likely these unique things about her fueled the way she carries out her day to day life.

First and foremost, Sheela has four parallel stomachs for easier digestion and faster absorption of food. She eats an awful lot, and this is probably one of the reasons that she does. A constant desire to be full makes her eat six meals a day with a snack between each meal, and a large midnight snack with is essentially just another meal. Most people wouldn't really notice that fact that she has four stomachs unless they saw the four openings that lead to the four separate stomachs, and that is a slim to none chance because of how dark it is inside of her.

Sheela's mouth creates copious amounts of saliva, and the consistency of it isn't what most would consider normal. It's thicker, almost akin to the weight and texture of syrup. It helps break down normal foods faster, and also makes it harder for prey's to put up as much of a fight. (This doesn't mean they can't put up a fight at all.) Also, the thickness of her saliva makes for better lubrication when swallowing, so she can take larger gulps and consume more food.

Sheela as a person is a bit of a gear-head and has the ability to fix almost anything. Her natural occupation is a mechanic that builds hoverbikes, and she's an inventor on the side that builds practical, heavy duty weaponry as well as a slew of useful items. She has an uncanny amount of knowledge in the areas of mechanics, technology and things of that ilk.

Sheela has a strange disorder which makes her crave any food that's in the vicinity. To put it simply, if there's food in the area and she so much as smells it, she has to eat it. Locking up food supplies around her would be incredibly smart, and people should be careful not to be too small around food. Or, even worse, turn into food. She devours any food-product without a second thought, no matter how full she is.

Other than her unique oral features, Sheela has several external unique features as well. Such as, exceptionally thick hips, large footpaws, and a rather large behind. Also, her tail is 12' 2" long and can lift up to ten times her weight, relative to her size, whatever her size may be at the time.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's very chipper and shy, eager to please. She keeps to herself for the most part, but she can be incredibly curious, for better or for worse.
BackgroundShe comes from the year 2301, (Circa Ratchet&Clank/Jak&Daxter) and is a mechanic at a hoverbike shop. On the side, she invents things that she also gets paid for. She's won loads of awards for her inventions. Her true background is a mystery. Where does she come from? Where is her family? No one knows. Or more along the lines of she prefers not to talk about it.
LikesEating, cooking, cheeseburgers, potatoes, apple fritters, tinkering with electronics, building, fixing things, inventing, her job, most of her coworkers, her work team.
DislikesPeople that stare at her, people that attempt to claim credit for her inventions, fake fruit, generally commenting on her footpaw size.
LocationLook around; She's hard to miss.
Additional InfoHer curiosity fuels most anything she does that could be considered wrong, dirty, or unjust. She wants to learn more about everything at any cost it seems. And, she has a thing for naturally short and chubby critters, finding them to be adorable. A particular soft spot for Ottsels.

Also, being a Lombax, she has a naturally fast metabolism. Her physique is actually more of a hereditary problem, a mixture of her muscle build and skeletal frame. Although eating six meals a day (Not including snacks) probably doesn't help her physique get any slimmer, she enjoys eating and cooking far too much to cut down.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Rome wasn't built in the day. But if I'd been building it, I probably could have done it twice as fast."

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