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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRoldan
SpeciesArcanine/Charizard Anthro Hybrid
Height10ft Normally
Weight500 lbs roughly
SummaryIs a playful pup

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFlame Orange coloured fur covering most of his body, with a cream belly, chest hair, tail, facial hair and body hair. Also has light black strips running along his back, arms and legs.
Hair ColourHot Fucia, reaching just past his shoulders.
Eye ColourYellor iris and a black pupil
ClothingWears none, (But dont worry, 'it's' tucked in away from sight)
AccessoriesMay have a collar.
WeaponryLike all canines, he has sharp teeth and claws. Being an Arcanine and Charizard hybrid he can shoot fire.
Special AbilitiesCan fly and absorb fire to increase his size.
Outstanding FeaturesUnbelievably cute. Puppy dog eyes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIs playfull, thats about it really. He just wants to play, 24/7 non stop. He doesn't mean to hurt people and always means well, although he doesn't know his own strength. Roldan has the mind of a puppy, and therefor acts like one. He doesnt speak any english and communicates via barking, howling, growling, nudging etc. Even though he is an anthro, he does sometimes sit and walk like a regular dog.
BackgroundOnly link to his past life is from the collar he occasionally wears. It is assumed he had family or carers beforehand due to owning a collar and having Fucia coloured hair.
LikesPlaying. Toys. Eating. Meat.
DislikesHigh pitched noises. Being called, "Bad"
LocationAnywhere =3
OccupationEveryones pet