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Done by Makashi/Tai. he is awesome <3

Vital Statistics!

Character NameZal
Height2.5 inches
Weighta couple of grams
SummaryZal is a rather uptight fae, tall for his tribe, towering over most of them by half an inch at least.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPale pink skin, bordering on purple.
Hair ColourBlack, tousled shoulder length hair.
Eye ColourA piercing light blue.
ClothingA brown leather blacksmith's tunic, drab and dirty and covered with miscellaneous oil stains. His pants are green, forest green, a thick cottony material. On his feet are two large brown leather boots.
AccessoriesA belt around his waist littered with pouches and a scabbard for his rapier.
WeaponryBeing a blacksmith, Zal tends to carry around weapons of his trade. Usually though he sticks with two weapons. His rapier that he has named "Beesting" which is coated in a naturally occuring venom. He also has a dagger sheathed in his boot, called "Hummingbird"
Special AbilitiesHe has basic mastery of fire magic and spells though he generally uses this power only for his work. He can use these abilities in a time of trouble though. In one of his pouches are dried herbs, when inhaled these herbs shrink the ingestor to nigh on micro sized, they are his greatest weapon.
Outstanding FeaturesHis wings probably. They are shaped like butterfly wings and are a gorgeous royal blue.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's rather serious most of the time. His hearts in the right place mostly, he only really shows a cruel streak when he suspects someone intends to damage his environment. More or less he's noble though.
BackgroundHe is the only blacksmith of his village, and as such he's sually busy filling out orders. Most fae are more adept in magic than he, but they are resourceful and carry weapons as well. When you're so small, you can take no chances.
LocationHis forge in his little village, hidden deep in Sol woods.

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