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Done by zStorm, thanks to him abunch

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaverick
WeightNever bothered to find out.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourhis fur is a light grey but he has tiger stripes that are brown
Hair Colourhis ehad furs is short but still long enough to be distinguished from the rest of his fur
Eye Colourhe has catlike eyes
ClothingHe wears only a pair of denim jeans
AccessoriesA silver square belt buckle
WeaponryHis claws and a little magic
Outstanding Featuresthe claws of his feet and his 17ft height

Personality & Background

Personalityhe can be excitable at most times but other times he is friendly likeing to make frineds when he can other times he just wants to cause a bit of distruction
BackgroundHe was born off the coast of Florida on the nearby island growing up he had a few friends but was a bit of a bully at times though when he graduated from highschool he had become better and was about 10ft he has since gotten aboard a cargo ship and come to Newyork Newyork just so he doesn't scare some of the people he remains in an abandoned part of the subway though he does have an adress for mail at a nearby house.
LikesCatnip (at times) and friendly people he also has a fondness for pepperoni.
Dislikesjust plain normal bad things
LocationNew York
OccupationHe works demolishing buildings he also has a job selling spices of rare trades.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWe are all but dust in the wind....ACHOOO!!! *sniff* Sorry, allergies.