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Vital Statistics!

Character NameElliot [a.k.a Kailen]
Weight114 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite with black spots.
Hair ColourWhite.
Eye ColourBlue.
ClothingDepends. He wears tight fitting clothes normally, mostly girl jeans and tees. His clothing usually depends on his mood, the weather, or his current job though.
AccessoriesDepends on his mood.
Outstanding FeaturesSpots form somewhat of a paw shape on upper left thigh.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually quiet, but can be loud and hyper once you get to know him. He loves cuddling, nuzzling, being petted, hugging, and all of that sort. Is serious when he has to be. Is near completely oblivious to the obvious, and has little to no common sense.
BackgroundLives with sister in a small apartment. Left home when he turned seventeen, due to parents constantly fighting.
LikesPeppermints, hugs, nuzzles, cuddles, fish, weapons, music, computers, video games, sleep, flying, water, the smell of coffee, hot chocolate, singing, dancing, writing, teddy bears, yiff.
DislikesPools, beaches, lakes, etc., coffee[only the taste, he loves the smell], chocolate[makes him sick], bright lights, children.
Additional InfoAbsolutely loves peppermints [not sure why], and any type of gummy candy. Don't let his innocent look fool you, he is very much a pervert and has a vast collection of yiff as well as a drawer of "toys". Hasn't ever really been in a relationship, or had sex. Says 'sorry' a lot, even if he didn't do anything wrong.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"B-but I didnt mean it..."

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