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Joel with his Ban Hammer... lots of blood :D

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGeorgiy "Joel" Grigori
SpeciesRing-Tailed Lemur
Height6' 6"
SummaryA ring-tailed lemur with a dark past and many secrets.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA combination of grey, white, and black fur. Standard lemur color patern.
Hair ColourHis head fur is jet black, often messy, as he doesn't care much for impressing people, without a reason that is.
Eye ColourBright or dark green, depending on the situation.
ClothingUsually wearing faded, worn, jeans, with a pair of old army boots. He wears an all black T-shirt, and over it a loosely hung open top half to the spetsnaz uniform. He sometimes can he seen also wearing the symbolic red berret of the spetsnaz.
AccessoriesA small case in which he caries his silver zippo lighter, and small cigars. Usually wearing an under-arm double holster, holding his pistols. He also carries a switch-blade in his pocket.
WeaponryPISTOLS: Dual Colt Single-Action Army's, Dual Desert-Eagles, a M1911, Beretta model 89, .22LR, Glock 18 SUBMACHINEGUNS: Steyr TMP, MP-40, MP-5, AEK-919 Kashtan, PP-19-01 Vityaz, Thompson M192, Scorpion SA Vz 61 ASSAULT RIFLES: Steyr AUG, FN SCAR, GIAT FAMAS, Stg. 44, Beretta AR-70, Kalashnikov AK-47, AK-74, AKS-74U, AK-105, SG-540, M14, Colt AR-15, Colt M4 SNIPER RIFLES: Steyr .50 HS, SVN-98, KSVK 12.7 mm, M82A1, SSG-P1, PSG-1, DSR 1, Enfield L39A1, Beretta 501, Barrett M98, Remington 700, M24, Dragunov SVD, SVU-AS, Dragunov SVDK, Sig 550 MILITARY RIFLES: Steyr Mannlicher M95, Mauser model 98, Mosin-Nagant, Springfield M1903, SKS carbine, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine SHOTGUNS: Benelli M4 Super 90, Beretta 1201 FP, Franchi SPAS-12, RMB-93, Stoeger 2000, HS-10, Jackhammer, Mossberg 500, Remington 870, Winchester 1300, USAS-12 EXPLOSIVES: RPG-7, AGS-17, AT4, XM307 ACSW, M203 40mm, M79, Frag Grenades, Claymore Mines, C4 BLADES: Switch-Blade, Standard Issue Combat Knife
Special AbilitiesHe has the ability to return from the dead. Doesn't age. He has undergone almost every special training known to man as far as military goes. He is an expert sniper, survivalist, demo expert, parachuting, halo jumps, everything.
Outstanding FeaturesHe somewhat schizo, due to sharing his body with an evil demon, that has taken the form of his... darker side.

Personality & Background

PersonalityJoel is a laid back and funny guy. He is charming and respectful, and very loyal, though somewhat greedy. Though try to stay on his good side, once he has his sights on you, there is no getting away.
BackgroundBirth: Oct 10 1892 Birthplace: Pre-Soviet U.S.S.R. * Parents Died at young age, death unknown to him. * After parents death, he was moved to an orphanage, from there moved to a military school, where he recieved rough combat training etc etc. * As soon as he was a propper age to leave said school he did. Around the age of 19. * Roamed from place to place doing odd-jobs for people. *2 years down the road he found a scottish priest on a mission of god blah blah to kill demons and combat vampires etc. They formed a friendship, and Joel learned english from him, and started training with him to be a demon slayer as well. *Near the end of the training, roughly 1 year after he started, he went with the priest to assist him on a mission, the demon was in fact too strong and they both died. This would be around 1924. Since joel was never full believer he went to hell, where the priest to heaven. *Joel awakens in hell? lolwut? and its some WW1 style battle, with endless suffering and whatnot. One one side we have the demons and other baddies, and the other, the souls of the suffering, fighting and loosing. Joel makes his way through some of the demons, getting in a fight with one and getting the scar on his cheek. *After making it to the front lines of the suffering, joel met up with his father, who soon after talking with him, was taken. Joel in anger took chase and ended up being captured where he was put through the most gruesome torture and all that bad shite. *After years of said torture, joel awoken in his cell to find himself, looking at himself. A darker and more evil looking version of himself He later learns that it was his inner demon and blah blah. *After making a deal with himself, he merges with the demon, and is returned to the world of the living. *he awakens around 80 years after he died, in some forest. That is 2004, meaning he was in hell for those 80 years. :D *He still looks to be the age he was when he died, so he looks 23, though is is around 102 at this point. *Joel tries to restart his life, but due to the deal, joel still has within him, a demon. *The demon actually effects Joel's eye color, if it is trying to manipulate him, his eyes go from their bright green to dark green, and if joel loses all control over himself, they are red. *Joel is most weak to his demon in moments of pure rage. *His inner demon talks to him in his head, telling him to do something, or just dictating how sweet the souls of people are around him, or the blood, or even how inocient and rotten some are, those being the good ones. *When the demon learns that Joel has no intentions of giving himself over to it, it attempts to kill that part of him off, so that the only thing left to control joel would be the demon. This invovles joel incountering some deadly creatures spawned from hell, and even the demon itself makes a presense, and joel ends up fighting himself. *Due the the gained abilities of having a demon within him, Joel never ages, and can never stay dead. He returns to hell while his body regenerates. While he is in hell he ends up fighting an endless army of other demons. *He returns victorious and walks the earth once more, we he tries to live a normal life. Currently is living on the edge of a small town, in a large warehouse, where he sells some munitions under the table.
LikesLemurs, video games, guns, hunting, whiskey, cigars, girls, rock n roll.
Dislikespanzies, religion, mondays, assholes.
LocationThe edge of a small town, somewhere in the united states.
OccupationGun wholesaler, and part time bar tender.
Additional InfoPerverted. Sick sense of humor, unforgiving.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"o.o" "eep!" "or... you could go fuck yourself" "na zdrowie!"

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