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The symbol of Black Talon's criminal empire.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlack Talon
SpeciesKomodo Dragon
Weight260lbs. (all muscle)
SummaryA mysterious, and powerful, criminal warlord from the country of Alkajarah, one of the most violent places on the planet. Has amassed great wealth, power, and influence in his part of the world. Now he's moved to Ground Zero... this cannot be good.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlackish-Gray scales, with lighter gray scales along his chest and belly.
Hair ColourHas pointy jet black scales along the back of his head that resembles hair.
Eye ColourDark Red
ClothingVaries. Though when he's not "working", he's seen wearing dark black flowing robes which conceals some high-grade body armor underneath.
AccessoriesVaries, whatever is needed for a specific task.
WeaponryWhen not "working", he also wears metallic gauntlets along his forearms. Forged on these said gauntlets, along the right side, are three long blade-like protrusions. Presumably used for combat purposes.
Special AbilitiesMastery of various forms of martial arts. Is able to channel a mysterious mystic energy within himself, adding to his already impressive strength and technique. When he's tapping into this power, he takes on a shadowy black form, with only his dark red eyes, and tattoos (which glow red at this point) that can be seen.
Outstanding FeaturesVarious tattoos along his arms, incorporating various tribal symbols, incantations, and other such things.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA dark and cold type of personality. Very cunning, like a skilled warrior.
BackgroundHis activities prior to his rise to power in Alkajarah are unknown.
LikesTraining, Indulging in pleasures, (wine, women, and music) acquiring more wealth and power, having influence over affairs, acquiring new knowledge and technology, eliminating his enemies, and expanding his powerbase further. Also likes Chess.
Dislikescompetition, opposition, uncertainty, betrayl, failure, and losing power and influence. Dislikes being asked about his past or family.
LocationHas a criminal empire in the country of Alkajarah, is setting up business in GroundZero, using a legitimate company "Sallotech Inc." as a front for his dealings.
OccupationCriminal Warlord, Businessman, Political Fundraiser, and Martial Artist.
Additional InfoHas an unknown amount of minions. Mainly consisting of ninjas that he's personally trained.