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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTakarai
SpeciesGray Wolf
SummaryTakarai is of a slightly more than average build, his muscles are functional but not overly large. He holds himself proudly and tends to assume the actions of an alpha when not challenged. He has no sexual preferences and is a very openminded wolf, willing to engage in any activity at least once before passing judgement. He has a temper if riled up and challenged but tends to be calm and collected on a normal basis.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTakarai's fur is mostly dusty brown with light additions of silver and gray that give his fur a slight shine. his muzzle is deep brown, as are his paws.
Hair ColourBrown with silver streaks that make him appear older than he is, it falls to just below his shoulders. The back is kept in an unobtrussive ponytail.
Eye ColourHis eyes are a golden orange and very intense. He is always alertly watching his surroundings and the actions of others
ClothingTends to dress in unobtrusive basics, usually sticking to a pair of simple black slacks and button up shirts he rarely buttons.
AccessoriesWears a set of 3 silver fang shaped earings in his left ear.
WeaponryIf forced to fight with weapons he would immediately grab a katana or a light sword, being expertly trained in the art of sword fights. However as he rarely has cause for such things he sticks to his own teeth and claws as well as his cunning.
Special AbilitiesAn excellent pick pocket, he knows many tricks to the art of sleight of hand. He also learned the benefits of charm and mastered that as well
Outstanding FeaturesTakarai has a small, single-line scar over his left eyebrow and a small, darker patch of fur in the shape of a paw print in the middle of his back.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBold and a little arrogant. Takarai assumes he is alpha in many situations unless directly challenged. However he has off days during which he prefers to let others be the alpha while he chills out and discards his usual high-ego pride. He blames such occurances on a split personality he doesn't actually have. He can be deceptively charming but the act hides a very dangerous feral side of him. He delights in trickery and can be quite coniving. He's not one to be messed with lightly
BackgroundTakarai grew up on his own in the city, learning the street life quickly and following the code of "look out for number one". He learned how to pick pocket but he also learned the art of charm, creating a very clever pickpocket. On occassion he will steal someone's wallet and wait a few moments before running after them to inform them they dropped it and give it back, allowing him to work under the pretense of a good samaritan whilst he steals and tricks. After a while he got a job as a musician, earning a nice sum of money between his two 'careers'. He now does whichever is more convienient at the moment for earning money when he requires it.He has no relatives and few people who he calls friends.
Likes'borrowing' things, sleight of hand, sex (has no preference on male/female/species and generally no preference on top or bottom), trickery, swords, daggers, shiny metal objecys, money, magic, shows, scheming, soft things, orange
Dislikesinvasion of his personal space, being tricked, falling for tricks, being caught whilst tricking/stealing, tuna, yellow

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Now listen closely - when I say you walk, you walk. When I say you run, you run. If I decide that you live, you live" - Slagar the Cruel, Mattimeo

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