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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArc Fury
SpeciesWolf-Dog (he
SummaryArc is an arrogant sadist who doesn't take criticism any better than he takes being told 'no'. He lives life by his own rules and is smart enough to think his way out of any situation. He never backs down on anything he starts and is exceedingly stubborn. He has been known to search out and stalk victims from time to time, and should be considered very dangerous as his mood can swing at anytime

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCrimson fur often said to be the color of blood. He often makes up a story about how he used to be a white wolf, but his fury caused him to turn blood red like the bouts of rage that sometimes overtake him. No one ever believes him of course
Eye ColourArc has pale silver eyes that often sppear so pale they seem white. He has very sharp vision in the daylight and rarely misses a thing.
ClothingArc wears blue jeans that are often either full of tears and scratches, stained with blood in places, or both. He sticks to loose, dark colored shirts to give him the appearance of being larger than he really is. He also wears a pair of soft-soled black boots, allowing him to walk almost entirely silently.
AccessoriesArc wears no jewelry of any kind, certain that such things only attract attention to those trying to either blend in or sneak up on others. Curiously enough he does wear a small onyx cross around his neck which hangs on a shoestring tied loosely at the back and frayed in several places intentionally so it will break rather than strangle him if anyone were to try such a thing
WeaponryArc carries only one weapon, a simple switchblade he has at all times. He is extremely skilled and fast with the small blade and can throw it very accurately.
Special AbilitiesArc is extremely fast and although he could outrun most of those in his class, he rarely runs, finding such an act to be cowardly and obvious. Instead he always chooses to face his fights, often dodging the hits thrown at him without moving from the spot he chooses to stand in (stubborness and pride keeping him there). His quick reflexes are a result of years of training with his father.

Personality & Background

PersonalityArc is a very violent sadist, a result of being raised by his serial killer father from the time he was a young pup. He learned right from wrong and discarded the foolish notions, deciding to make up his own rules on how to live his life. He often switches between joking around with strangers on his good days and sometimes even helping out, to stalking and occasionally killing random victims on his bad days. His favorite passtime is "Corruption of Innocence" in which he finds an 'innocent' victim and toys with them until they either piss him off (in which case they're usually disposed of) or corrupted to wanting whatever it is he choses to do at the time. He is a very dominating wolf and although he is arrogant and hot-headed he has a quick mind and a faster tongue, often 'out-foxing' those who threaten him with words and speed
BackgroundArc grew up in an older part of australia with only his father to raise him. He was silent and bitter throughout his school years during the day. At night his father would often 'take him along' to learn all the tricks of choosing victims, stealth, cunning, and most importantly speed. It is rumorred his mother was a husky-wolf, something Arc violently denies. He always refers to himself as a wolf, believing it's ok for him to act the way he does due to his violent and feral nature.
LikesBlades of any kind, preferably knives and daggers, cigarettes (no one knows why as he does not smoke them), dark alleys, night, cold air, new moon nights, bandanas (never wears them but uses them often) , sex, blood, causing pains, screams, the colour red
DislikesGuns (claims they're the cowards weapon), jewelry (too noisy/bright), PDA between lovey-dovey couples, failed 'hunts', rabbits (they hop around like fools)
LocationNorthern Australia
OccupationJob: Artist and author; Occupation: Mercenary (on occassion, murderer and assassain)