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Vital Statistics!

Character NameReisha Idunshantikar
SpeciesBat-winged Fennec-red fox crossbreed
Height170 cm (5' 7")
Weight55 kg (122 pounds)
SummaryImagine a normal red fox for color; give her white gloves and socks instead of black, and give her the proportions of a digitigrade Fennec. Now add in a set of large bat wings from her back, and make her tail two sizes two big for her body, and it's prehensile. The rest of her build is lithe and tight, and unlike many vixens isn't oversexed, maybe a 34 D cup top. Give her big blue eyes and a shock of blond hair. Put this into a baby blue tube top and dark green shorts, and open-toe calf-high boots.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed fur with white underbelly, gloves and socks
Hair ColourBlond and shaggy, with a fluffy low ponytail down to mid-back.
Eye ColourBright blue, with slit pupils
ClothingA baby blue stretchy, clingy tube top and dark green fur-tight shorts that show off a pleasant, tight rump. Open-toed, calf-high lace-up soft brown leather boots finish the look.
AccessoriesA small rucksack satchel emblazoned with a logo of a jet-propelled fox-bat and the letters F.A.D. - Fox Airborne Delivery on it.

The jetpack is a ultra-high-bypass turbofan, powered by nitromethane and has a fan on the back for the intake AND for bypass air. Fuel capacity is 6 liters, and used judiciously it can keep Reisha flying for hours. It's controlled through a biofeedback collar which talks to the computer in the pack via bluetooth.
WeaponryA pair of knives balanced for throwing kept one to each boot in concealed sheaths. The knives are ceramic-bladed with no metal, and the handles plastic.
Special AbilitiesCan use echolocation (passive and active)
Excellent nightvision
Hears in ultrasound and infrasound and can target accurately using these
Can fly, and has access to a jetpack for enhanced speed
Outstanding FeaturesA TRUE flying fox? A Foxbat? Fennec foxybat?

Personality & Background

PersonalityPleasant, upbeat, affable.
BackgroundHas no idea who her father was (or what he was), and her mother, a normal red fox, was too drunk at the time to care. Reisha's mom went clean, getting off the bottle, by the time Reisha was three, so she doesn't really have any bad memories of her mother as a drunk, just a loving, caring mom.
LikesFLYING, music, aerobatics, sweets, and snuggling.
OccupationCourier for Fox Airborne Delivery