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Vital Statistics!

Character NameThorn
Weightok, not a cool question to be askin' bub!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourpure white, all but her tail tip and ear tips.
Hair Coloursame as the rest of her fur, white.
Eye Colourdeep red
Clothinghawian shirt tied up below her breasts to look like a belly shirt with carpenter jeans.
WeaponryHer tail alone is a weapon, over 9 feet in length, and able to lift up to 8 tons, and aply preasure up to 13 tons.
Outstanding Featuresher long 9ft long tail ^_^

Personality & Background

Personalityverry laied back, relaxed, but can be energetic, also verry playfull, but get her in the right mood and she will do most anything for a good time ;3
BackgroundThorn is an exparement of what happend when Spike mixed some magic and gained the power to switch his gender, becoming Thorn
Likesboys that are packin' big, nude cuddling, other girls with cute rumps, open minded pepole, pepole with a good sence of humor.
Dislikeshelth food fanatics, pepole that call her lazy, boys that lie about thir size just to show off, the poor stupid idiots that like to mark themselfs for death by calling me a slut.
Locationa beach house, on a beach, thats always warm, on the west caost, 'nuf said :3
Occupationprofessional slob
Additional Infoyou ever wana make me happy, give me pie, lots an lots of pie :3

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"My dick is bigger then that idiots, and im a girl god damnit!!"