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Justice is 'served'

Vital Statistics!

Character NameJudge Tyla Cassandra Walker
Weight21,190lb 3oz
SummaryOnce a shy, but stubborn anthro hippo, Tyla Walker is now an imposing, and regular, sight on the streets. Standing twelve feet four inches tall, and nine feet nine long, she's noticed even by macros!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPinkish-Grey, like most hippos.
Hair ColourNone
Eye ColourBlue-green, cybernetic.
ClothingHer uniform, most of the time, consisting of her skin-tight navy blue small-arms-and-fire-resistant bodysuit, gold ceremonial pauldrons, black-and-red visored helmet, gold V-belts and gloves- with built-in gold-plated steel knuckles!
AccessoriesA wide variety of equipment, including a Lawmaster trike. Other than that, loadout varies, depending on her mission.
WeaponryClick here to see Tyla's armoury.

The following ammunition types for both modes of her Lawgiver are built-in as standard:
Standard executioner
Armour Piercing
Less-lethal Daystick
Stumm gas
Special AbilitiesThe Judge has a top speed of 25mph and can throw 2.5 tons up to 30 feet. In addition, she can heal at a visible rate, her immune system is beefed up, and her targeting systems are almost good enough to shoot a bullet from the air.

She's also a fully capable and practicing predator.
Outstanding FeaturesShe's very hard to miss; even macrofurs notice her as she thuds down the street. Ten and a half US tons of flesh and machine, she's an effective tactical and strategic asset; capable of handling even our macro-buster cannons single-handedly- though the big ones will hurt her.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly and easy-going, but very dominant. She's also slow to anger, but when she lets go, cars fly. All in all, so long as you stick on the right side of the Law, she'll be fine with you!
BackgroundTyla Walker, once an impressionable and idealistic young anthropomorphic hippo, was always ridiculed during high school because of her ambition to be a Judge. Everyone knew that only Humans could be Judges! However, at the age of 14, when Judge Michael Hershal visited her school, this changed. Impressed by Tyla's stubborn resolve and determination, Hershal saw in her the makings of a very capable Judge. He left the school with Tyla on the back of his bike, grinning widely and flipping the bird as she headed off for fifteen hard years in the Academy of Law and the laboratories of the Ferryman Project...

The tauric figure that strode proudly from the Academy was completely changed from the stubborn-but-shy hippo who had ridden in on the back of Hershal's Lawmaster. Now with one of her own, and a Lawgiver belted at her hip, Walker stands as an example to anthros across Mega City One. Equipped with a wide range of physical alterations (standard practice for a Judge) that included making her tauric (which isn't so standard, part of the Ferryman Project; she was the 'prototype'), she's a very effective Combat/Street Judge. She's been on the Street now several decades now, and is estimated to require refit in approximately another hundred and twenty years, though upgrades are reasonably regular.

Ferryman Project Overview: http://www.freewebs.com/bazyat/TylaStuff/FP.htm
LikesHer job, food, coffee, tea and donuts.
DislikesLawbreakers, Death Cults, Zombies
LocationMega City One (Or OOCly, the UK!)
OccupationStreet Judge, 1st Class
Additional Infohttp://www.freewebs.com/bazyat/TylaStuff/TylAnatomy.swf Copy-paste the above link and click around!

Just for Fun

Homepagehttp://bazyat.webs.com/TylaStuff/Jwalker.htm < Warning! Vorish pictures!
Favourite QuoteI AM THE LAW!

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