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Note: This is my first attempt at drawing (Which you'll see after I post it up) a fuzzy XD. Please email me at the adress located at the bottom to help me improve it.^^ Just be sure to send constructive criticism not flaming, please.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameNexaku Tempest O'Donnell
SpeciesHybrid- Fox and Wolf
Height5 ft. 8 in.
Weight142.7 Lbs.
SummaryA teenage er.... hybrid that proves that everything is not what it seems.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA reddish brown, like a stereotypical fox.
Hair ColourHis hair is brown, but most of the tips of his hair are light blue.
Eye ColourA very sexy and passionate yellow.
ClothingHe wears silver jacket with a thin black stripe along the sleeves over a blue shirt. His pants are torn in certain areas. When he's on a mission however, he wears a torn vest, with minimum armor as possible to be able to keep his agility up. He keeps the pants the same though, to keep light.
AccessoriesA black watch, which allows him to slow down time on others, as well as speed up himself/his team to move at such a speed that they are invisible to others. Besides that, he also wears chains on his pants, and two 14 gauge earrings, one on each ear. Most of the time he has his iPod with him. He also carries a communicator, which has video calls, etc. In addition, he wears a black collar around his neck that he rarely takes off.
WeaponryMP 53 Gun- A gun used during Rank ***-A Missions. It has the ability to shoot grenades and up to 20 consecutive shots without overheating. XP 44 Pistol- A gun carried around all the times. It can shoot up to four consecutive shots without overheating. Reflector- Standard issue StarWolf reflector, which creates a circular red shield that reflects any projectile. Sword- He carries around a sword for close ranged combat. He also has special gloves that increases the strength of his claws, as he uses them to fight as well. However, he doesn't draw his weapon unless he's on a mission, or it is a dire situation. He however will use his teeth when he has too, but is afraid of getting bloodlust.
Special AbilitiesHe has the agility, cunning, and strength to match Wolf O'Donnell. Hybrid: The ability to interchange fighting styles quickly.
Outstanding FeaturesThe outstanding feature of Nexaku is his tail, overly fluffy because of his fox trait. He has a scar on his left arm, after an unfortunate incident when he was younger. He looks like a less muscular version of Wolf.

Personality & Background

Personality He has a short temper that he has under control most of the time (put emphasis on MOST). He is full of contradicting traits. Loud, yet quiet at some point. Hyper, yet is calm when it comes to the situations where its needed. He has been practicing on how to control his temper via meditation.
BackgroundA teenager shuned by the rest, after people think he's gay, ever since the third grade. He ran away from his family at the age of eight. A couple of macros chased after him, and beat him up, hence the reason of the scar. Wolf and his family found Nexaku, near the verge of death. Wolf, ten at the time, convinced his parents to adopt Nexaku. Since then, he has become a captain of StarWolf.
LikesHe likes music, as he is constantly listening to his iPod, being laid back, and stormy weather.
DislikesHe dislikes heat, Leon Powalski, a chameleon a part of StarWolf, macros that bully other people, and fighting.
LocationQuadrant 4, Section 09, Sub-section 22.45 (Earth)
OccupationOne of the Captains of StarWolf. On earth, when he's off duty, he's a courtesy clerk at Times.
Additional InfoHe secretly has an inactive macro gene.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote“I’d rather we skip the formalities….” -Luxord

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