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Samurai skunkie!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDesert Florian Skunk
SpeciesLong Tailed North American Skunk
Weight190 lbs
SummaryFar too quickly, one may assume Desert to be a hero because his actions usually act for the greater good,however, this assumption would be false, as he only cares to save the few he loves. Desert, despite a feministic appearance, is very much straight and married.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark and almost muddy brown fur covers the entirety of Desert's body, only differentiating for his stripe and his chest, which are a dull silver.
Hair ColourLong strands of silver hair that reach down to his waist are kept tied back with a simple blue band.
Eye ColourDesert's left eye is a soft and gentle brown that is slightly lighter than his fur. His left eye shows a sparkling glint of kindness and serenity. Desert's right eye is a bright an intense emerald green of immense beauty. His right eye can show the intensity of his emotions for good or ill.
ClothingA Kimono (Japanese style clothing similar to a robe) adorns the lithe body of Desert. The fabric has two corresponding colors of dusty brown and a deeper shade of forest green. These two colors dominate either side, the brown the right, and the green the left, gently mingling together in the back. The kimono is held closed with a dark green obi (Sash) and always seems to be very loose on him. Desert may also be rarely seen wearing the garb of a shinobi assassin, clothing he inherited from his days as such. The uniform comes in four parts, dark and baggy pants that cap off at the ankles, a half kimono that is also black, a tail netting, and ankle lacing sandals.
AccessoriesThe Blue hair ribbon is practically the only thing Desert will carry on him aside from a small pouch containing money for purchases.
WeaponryDesert carries a small arsinal of different weapons. Most times he will carry a Sakabatou (reverse bladed Japanese sword) and a demonically influanced katana that flows with the element of wind. He can sometimes be seen with a large swallow, or a shape shifting orb of light that can absorb a demonic soul. He also carries a small accompaniment of Kunaii (japanese throwing daggars) as well as his deadly efficiency with spiritual energy.
Outstanding FeaturesHis brown fur and silver markings set him aside from most other skunks, that and his slight cat heritage grants him retractable claws. His body is rather skinny as well, unusually so, and as such, is another oddity. Because of his species, the most identifiable feature of Desert is the incredible length of his tail. The overall length is 1.5 times his overall body height and almost as thick as he is wide.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDesert is usually very serene and peaceful. His attitude is rather dismissive unless you fall under a category he doesn't like. His past has also caused him to be very cautious, so his laid back demeanor also hides a very critical attitude of everyone around him at all times. Once he gets to know someone, he would give his life in a heartbeat protecting them if he cares for them.
Background Desert's history is a tragic one, and would fill volumes of the events involved. The short version however, is that he was raised by a family of Demon Slayers, and sent away at an early age to learn swordsmanship. Before he mastered this, and on a trip to visit his family, his best friend, who had become possessed by a demon, murdered his family in front of him, and spared his life. Desert shortly lost his master after that and wound up living life as a political assassin for a clan named the Akekempu (Bloody Wind). When the Akekempu clan had used him for all he was worth, and lied to him as well, he was forced into a labor camp where he was beaten and many other things that are best left unsaid. After his escape from this camp, he lived on as a demon slayer, living off of the streets for the next contract. He shortly met Devon Childs after this, who treated him with kindness for the first time in a very long time. The two became fast friends after a near death experience when they first met, and Devon introduced Desert to the Bigfurs world. Desert met back with a vixen whom he had met during his assassin days and married her some time later.
LikesHis wife Fox, his few friends and good Saki are what Desert will always seek.
DislikesMost humans, any group who oppresses another, jumping to conclusions and abusing power for amusement; these things will irk Desert to no end.
LocationDesert lives with his wife in a secluded Japanese home that he himself designed and built. The home is deep within a forest on the outskirts of a large city called Groundzero.
OccupationDesert is currently retired, but works for Groundzero as a local Demon Hunter.
Additional InfoDesert's body is almost skeletal in appearance because of his intense training. His speed is almost unmatched, in fact, he can move at a velocity so high, he can injure himself in the process. Desert is a very well trained fighter, competent in many styles of swordsmanship and martial arts, not much can surprise him in a straight fight. He will always give someone a chance to back down as he would prefer not to fight in the first place. Desert is married to Fox Chasofito and has a close relationship with Misha as well. His small group of friends are his adoptive family.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"A Master is like a stone in a river. His apprentice is like the rushing waters, eventually, the water will wash away the stone." -Malucious Tenataki

Stay in Contact

AIMJoseph Belle1