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An infinite sum of powers.

Vital Statistics!

Character Namezeta
SpeciesTabby Cat, Domestic
Height1.8 m
Weight77 kg
SummaryA cybernetic update to an otherwise normal tabby cat.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTabby Coat: orange/brown with lighter and darker stripes. Cybernetics: Primarily bright red plastic housing over 33% of arms, legs, torso, and head.
Hair ColourBlack, though solar-bleached in places to golden.
Eye ColourBrown eyes, multi band lasers, and clear lenses.
ClothingLoose lab coat, haversacks, and aforementioned bright red plastic.
AccessoriesComputers, lasers projectors, optical sensors, thermoelectric coolers, and other assorted sensors. Some chemical sustainer systems.
WeaponryHeNe laser pistol, projecting a red dot slightly less powerful then a laser pointer.
Special Abilities... Science and Math skills?
Outstanding FeaturesBright red plastic, cutting wit, and a noticeable grasp of science and math.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMilitantly scientific, primarily rational, and chemically altered to a general happy/curious state.
BackgroundA cat? Well, curiosity will be the death of me, and I do enjoy the pleasures of life. A cyborg? Well, cyborg theory states we should ignore trifling details of genetics such as gender, and instead make of ourselves our own destiny.
LikesLasers, science, computers, space programs, and rice.
DislikesPsuedoscience, magical thinking, combat, and milk.
LocationNorther Michigan, USA, Earth.
OccupationStudent of mathematics; moonlights as a programmer.
Additional InfoAs a mathematician, I am arrogant enough to believe I can answer anything. My general science background means I actually stand a good chance at it. Ask away! =^_^=

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I'd rather be a cyborg, then a goddess." -Dr. Haraway