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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMarty Jones
SpeciesPolar bear

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourImagine the first snow of the winter season covering the ground in a think white blanket. No one has trodden through it. My fur is just as white as that.
Hair ColourBlue streak
Eye ColourIcy blue eyes
ClothingUsually found wearing dark blue jeans, and whatever t-shirt I happen to find that day. I am usually wearing dark cloths though. I am normally bear footed, but when I'm not then I am wearing black sandals.
AccessoriesI wear a black, leather, spiked collar. I have a spiked leather wrist strap on my left wrist. My ears are pierced. Left once and the right twice.
Outstanding FeaturesInstead of a normal polar bear tail, I have a slightly longer tail that looks a lot like a wolves tail just not as long. I am also short for being a polar bear, but the only ones who pick on me are my friends, and my brothers.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI am Gothic in appearance and my writings, but easy going despite my appearance. I am shy around new critters and people, but quite the opposite when I am comfortable around my closest friends. I don't speak to my family much, but I don't think they worry about me much.
BackgroundI come from a large polar bear family. I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters. I am also the youngest. My family lives up north where I grew up. I moved down south to live by the ocean.
LikesI love to write (In the real world too). I try anything once before deciding whether I like it or not.
DislikesI despise happy morning people, and stupid people.
LocationI live by the ocean.
OccupationI am a student slowly getting my degree in Mathematics.
Additional InfoI don't really know what to put down besides this: if you want to know anything more about me just let me know... I will even answer questions about the real me.

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