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Raleigh, in his costume for Ruda Bantz's party at BFCC

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRaleigh Serralta
SpeciesSpotty Ermine
Height5' 4
Weight135 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite with black splotches all over. Most of his fur is long-ish and very soft.
Hair Colour(just longer fur, no special color to it)
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingA turquoise blue tank top and black shorts
AccessoriesRaleigh almost always carries a digital camera with him

Personality & Background

PersonalityRaleigh's a friendly, introverted geek, in some sense of the word. He hides from the world behind his camera, and spends as much of his time as he can in the college's media labs. Most of his pictures are discarded, some sent with impromptu vignettes of daily life to the student-run newspaper. He's gay, but quiet about it - he won't deny it, but doesn't volunteer the information either.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotepbthbthbthbthbthbthbth

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