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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKarl tsuchie
Height5ft 10in
SummaryKarl is Gust's father and teacher. he taught gust how to use your head inbattle, mastering agility, how to estimate your opponents strengh and accuracy when using firearms. marryied to anna Tsuchie. former superhero (goldwolf).

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlue
Eye ColourHazel/brown
Clothingtrousers and a red trenchcoat
Accessoriesa brown belt with a gold wolf imprinted on the middle.
Weaponrya special gun with unlimited ammo and different bullets, each with a different effect.
Special Abilitiesnear super agility and able to scan opponents for weaknesses.
Outstanding Featuresnone

Personality & Background

Personalitystrong and serious with a small sense of humor.
Backgroundas a child of 11, Karl witnessed a gang murdering his family because his family owed the gang money. The same gang was later caught and sent to a trial, the police got Karl to testify against the gang but because of courruption in the justice system, they mangaged to get off scot free. Karl was shocked to find this out and vowed to make them pay in anyway he could. at 14yrs old he trained in secret to master guns, agility and marksmanship. after 3 yrs training, Karl put on his handmade costume and started searching for the gang as Goldwolf. after a few months he finally found them. Acting quickly, it wasn't long before only the head of the gang was left standing. The gang leader simply asked Goldwolf why he was doing it, to which Goldwolf simply replied "justice", the gang leader challanged Goldwolf's view of what justice was, stating that even though he had beaten the gang up that it wouldn't stop him. Goldwolf then realised that he was right, there was no evidence to the crimes the gang had commited, which would mean that they'd get off free again. Knocking out the gang leader, Goldwolf looked around their hideout for any evidence. reaching a room right near the back he found Anna, Tied up on a chair, blindfolded and beaten. Untying the ropes, Goldwolf told Anna, still blindfolded, where the exit was and asked her to present herself in court to give evidence against the gang. A month after that, Anna did as asked and the gang was convicted of their crimes against her. After that Karl went after Anna to she if she was okay, he found her crying in a near by room that was empty. after managing to calm her down, Karl reviled to her that he was Goldwolf. 15 yrs after dating they decided to get married (i could go into more detail about Karl and Anna's first years together but i'm too lazy :P). Karl decided to retired from being Goldwolf so he could raise a family with Anna. not long after that Gust was born. when gust was one, they went for a family walk in the park. while walking, Karl and Anna heared a baby's cries, Karl went to look for the source while Anna stayed behind to look after Gust. Coming across a old building, Karl found a small dragon girl. Karl instantly noticed that she was about the same age as Gust, Using his agility, Karl scanned the surronding area for her parents, upon finding no one, Karl took the dragon girl back home with him. Arriving home he explained the situation to Anna and that he planned to search for the girl's parents, Anna agree to look after Gust and the dragon girl until Karl came back. Returning to The place he found the dragon girl, he found some evidence of eletric having been there, he followed the trail for 3 weeks before finding out a horrible truth. The dragon girl's parents had been murdered, they owed a organised crime gang some money for helping them pay for a operation, the female dragon was pregnant but also had problems with her womb that would require a special operation to fix, if it had not been fixed than the female would have died giving birth to the girl. Their family earned little money and time was running out. The male saw that their only hope was to borrow money from the gang to pay the medical bill, a year after the girl had been born, the gang demanded that the family pay them the money back. Although the family was able to give them the money they borrowed back, the gang wanted interest of unreasonable amounts. the male beg the gang boss to forget the intrest, unfortunatly, he refused and gave the family 10 days to get the money. with no option left, the family had to run. they were found by the gang less than a day after they started running. the male cleverly used his electric abilities to move a hyper speeds and temporarly escape from the gang. the male and female realised that their new born daughter need to be protected, they couldn't go to any orphanges as the gang members would be expecting that and have set up guys near by to stop them. The very day Karl found the dragon girl was also the very day she was left there by her parents only 2 hours ago. the couple had left her there hoping that good people would find her and then lead the gang away from the area. after running for 2 weeks they were caught by the gang members. they unmercifily attacked both the male and female dragons, they first attacked the male and made sure he was unable to move, they then held the female. the gang leader had ordered the members to make the male suffer emotionly by killing his wife first. the first member that attacked the female hit the area she had the orperation on, not being fully recovered, it caused the problem to reappear and the force of the impact had caused it to slowly kill her. the gang members relentlessly attack her then threw her onto the floor in front of the male. The male watched helplessly as his wife used the last of her life to tell the male she loved him, then she fell silent. the male started screaming out her name in misery, The gang members around him just laughed at him, mocking him at not being able to do anything. the misery inside the male quickly turned to rage as he gained more energy, the rage caused him to explode with power and strengh. As quick as a flash, the male attack the gang members, knocking most of them out and even killing one or two. It was then that the gang leader appeared, wearing shock proof armour, and using a powerful punch, left the male lying on the floor dying. in his last few breaths, he cralwed over to his wife and held her still warm hand. The gang leader, satisfyed, ordered his men to return to headquaters. Karl found out this story from various furs who had witness this happen. Horrified by the story he set out to find the gang that had commited the crime. he searched for 3 months before finding some of the lackeys. after beating up 2 of them he confronted the third and made him talk. The lackey said that their boss was hiding out in an old warehouse that wasn't too far from where they were. Karl quickly knocked out the lackey and went over to the warehouse. after a few minutes fighting Karl saw the gang leaders face and was shocked to find it was one of the lackeys of the last gang he defeated. it turned out that the lackey had taken the gang over and continued the last leader's work. After defeating the new gang leader, Karl returned home and explained everything to Anna. they both agreed never to revel her true past to her and instead say they found nothing.
Likesbeing with anna, being able to protect the ones he loves, reliving the old days, torturing gust with training.
Dislikesgust's layed back attitude, not having any excitement in his life, injustice, being treated differently because of his appearence by humans, killing.
Occupationfather and husband
Additional Infohe was know as goldwolf because of his belt and the picture of a wolf on his golden gun.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotedoes a stranger become your friend just because you know his name?

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