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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAleeca
AgeUnsure, around 20
Weight60.88 Tons

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOf the spotted variety!
Eye ColourLeft:Red, Right:Yellow
ClothingNothing fits!
AccessoriesMaybe you, on a chain?

Personality & Background

PersonalityBubbly, Ditzy, Cute, Clueless, Forgetful, Destructive
LikesToys! Little People, Food, Smashing Stuff!
Additional InfoThe Yena Gal

She, or sometimes sie, is a bubbly and full featured gal

This massive yena stands a rather astounding 50ft in height with a slightly more full frame, but still quite curvy. As she's rather full, she has wide hips and a very cute albeit attractive look thats topped off with a slightly larger than average bust and the usual dotting and dipped look that's features on her fur. For reference, sie's easily capable of fitting someone of 6ft in height inside of her muzzle, or completely under foot, and those feet are big and soft with four toes and black souls.

The yena is bubbly, cute, and a complete and total ditz to the point of mindlessly destroying much of what she comes in contact with, she tends to "eat" instead of "meet" new friends since she cant remember that its not acceptable to do such a thing. If you get on good terms with this big gal, you'll more than likely end up mangled in one way or another, for example, if she was to spot you driving home from work, she just may pluck up your car and give it a big hug to show she loves you... crushing the car and you along with it in that all too strong BEAR HUG she'd be giving it, and you. Another issue most run into is that the yena's diet consists almost entirely of smaller people than her, who she doesn't know, and doesn't care to know, they get downed by the handful without much thought, she doesn't play with her food much either. yet another negative aspect of being anywhere near her is that she actually /likes/ to smash things, she has a particular interest in feeling things, and watching things go crunch, its not uncommon to see her testing the structural integrity of car, after car, after car much to the owners dismay.

There are a few good reasons besides the immense strength and destructive personality that make people avoid contact, which she doesn't quit grasp why. As with most very, very large creatures, she has a very strong body oder, not to say she smells bad, in fact a great many find the smell somehow very alluring, but its overpowering up close and a sure fire guarantee that you'll know she's coming before your likely to see her. The previous is compounded by the fact that most spend their time barely coming up over her ankle, simply put, those feet have a very, very strong smell, again, not to say she smells bad, but seeing as most spend their time very close to them given her height, that smell is something to get very accustom to, hope you don't find your nose between those toes. On the same subject and as one last note, those brave enough to stick by her tend to get talked to from time to time, and depending on how close her muzzle is, and it tends to get uncomfortably close, any massive drool filled cavern that can swallow someone whole is uncomfortably close, her hot humid breath can be a little testing on some noses, those that again don't just run off from the sight of it.

To sum it all up, this gal is a /real/ monster, not sugar coated, not someone suddenly big, she isn't clean cut, suave and sexy, she is a giant with a cute, ditzy attitude with a tendency to destruction, hardly enough education to interact, and very little understanding of her actions, she has a massive 50ft frame and as such has many of the aspects that come along with it...