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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBarrettH
Height5ft 11inches - Unless otherwise stated
Weight11.5 stone

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe only fur I have is my hair, sitting on my head, arms and legs, my hair is dark brown almost black
Hair ColourAs above
Eye ColourDark Brown and quite - creepy
ClothingBlack Shirt, Dark blue or black jeans, Dark brown/tinted glass's
AccessoriesGlasses, Jo (weapon) & Throwing Knives. And a new addition, a collar from 'Indira'
WeaponryMy only weapons are my Jujitsu (martial arts), Jo and Throwing Knives and my conditioned hands
Outstanding FeaturesA collar on a human....

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery active, hyper (not in that way!) human who loves challanges and if I had the chance..along with enough sugar. I'd face the strongest of foes without fear, as even if I lost I'd reform
LikesAs with my counterpart I still enjoy rough-housing but as I'm human I might be a little less soft, and thus if your used to play fighting with my bearish side, remember....as a human. I'm weaker ^^;, Oh and of course, being stomped and trod on - under paw :P
DislikesNot very many things
LocationLondon, UK
Additional InfoThis is my vore-code "VC_N_S_A_B_SA_XY_18_F+_P_B+_MF_MF_V_S-_WP_T_N-_NX_A-NC-_L" simply put it into the vore, decoder located here "http://www.vorarephile.com/misc/"
I will add my Furry Code once the site is working again ^^

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"God gave men brains larger then dogs so they wouldnt hump womens legs at cocktail partys" Hackers, Kate Libby

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