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August 4, 2020, 02:32:02 AM
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Herakilla as done by Sheela! Props to Sheela for this AWESOME drawing! Go check her out why dont ya? http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sheela/

Vital Statistics!

Character NameHerakilla
SpeciesShapeshifter, base form Mouse
GenderShapeshifter ;)
AgeNo idea, immortal
HeightBase 6 ft
SummaryFun loving mouse shapeshifter! Mated to Anahita http://furbase.bigfurs.com/display.php?id=887 Trainer to Katrina http://furbase.bigfurs.com/display.php?id=3841

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCan transform into virtually anything. But unless stated otherwhise, he is a male and has solid blue fur/scales.
Hair ColourAs a male he doesn't really have hair except for the fur on his head. As a female/herm generally has blue hair, shapeshifter so it could be anything but almost always blue.
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingNothing special, can create own clothes when shapeshifting.
Special AbilitiesShapeshifter. There is a special spot inside his stomache that replaces his intestines. he can absorb anything he swallows through this, living or not. if its living he can trap the soul inside his conciousness and proceed to play with it in his imagination, creating worlds at his whim. Once he is finished with the soul he can either reform a new body using an odd tangent of his shapeshifting powers which allows him to create living bodies with no soul or mind. then he can push any captive souls into the body thus giving them back their bodies!
Outstanding FeaturesNone, would blend in very well with a crowd. but when he wants to he can be very noticible ;)

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery playful, stands up for micros. Laid back, loves to exercise.
BackgroundNot much is known about where he came from and he doesnt say anything about it. the most information hes ever given out is that he hunts down gods, having killed quite a few of them and that he came from somewhere in the greek era
LikesMacro/Micro, size play, some evil, maw and paw play, cock vore, and insertion. generally like anything but having meanness done to me, cub stuff, or full blown vore i wont do anything beyond the stomache.
DislikesBeing eaten and significantly overweight characters, anything else goes!
LocationRight behind you :P
OccupationSwimming instructor
Additional InfoAlways up for an rp! may post slow if im doing homework but i like to think of myself as a slightly fast typer and make up for it. And im a very flexible rper, if you want specific things 99% of the time ill be more than happy to obligue.

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