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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHachi
SpeciesWhite Wolf
Height6 foot even
SummaryHachi was a military experiment. As with many experiments, he is not the only one. Given the abilities of speed, Hachi goes to "collect" more abilities. He has acquired the "Invisibility" ability, the "Strength" ability, and the "Flight" ability. Infused in his DNA is a form classified as Blackout: a form which amplifies his animal instincts and multiplies his abilities powers.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNormal: Hachi is normally a fully white wolf. Golden eyes and surprisingly white claws. Blackout: his fur sheds to a summer's coat, allowing for more speed. He keeps his white fur in this form. Helix form: Hachi's ultimate form. He fuses with project Lobos (for the first time only, after that he can do it by will) With this change, Hachi's fur goes to a mix of white and black. His muzzle stays white, while the area around his eyes becomes black. the tips of his ears also gains black shading. from his elbow down, his fur fades into black, as well as from his knees down. The tip of his tail also gains black shading.
Hair ColourHis hair is normally spiked out if he does not have on his hoodie.
Eye ColourHis eyes are completely golden. But due to the Nanites in his body, you will constantly see a movement clockwise in the shape of "-".
ClothingHachi will normally wear all black due to the fact that he likes that color.
AccessoriesA necklace from one of his friends acts as a collar to Hachi. He also has a spiked collar around his tail.
WeaponryHachi's choice of weaponry is a pair of knuckle-less gloves. inside the gloves is a device that amplifies the strength of the attack.
Special AbilitiesSpeed Invisibility Strength flight Blackout
Outstanding FeaturesHachi's main outstanding feature is that he can change back into his human form, thus giving him more time to hide from the government that is after him

Personality & Background

PersonalityHachi is impatient and stubborn, but is calm when it comes to his friends. He won't hesitate to charge into a battle.
BackgroundNot much is known about Hachi's past as he does not remember it
LikesFights Fun acting like the older brother
Dislikesbeing talked down on fighting female experiments camping outside