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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCrymson Irio Wildcat
SpeciesIriomote Wildcat
Height4 Foot 7 Inches
Weight85 Pounds
SummaryA girly bisexual male feline who is generally flirtatious, loves tea and doesn't think twice before playing with him- (or her-) -self in public.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur is a muddy brown to tree-bark brown of random patterns over his whole body except for from lower chest to belly which is a much lighter sandy-brown colour. The tips of his ears and tip of his tail are a very darkish brown. He has a long, downy tuft of hair in, almost, in a heart shape on his chest. During summer months his fur is rather short, however he also has a winter coat during winter months which is longer, and fluffier than his summer coat. This tends to make him too a little more poofy.
Hair ColourHis hair is a very dark brown colour which reaches to his tail-bone, and normally always tied back in a ponytail. Sometimes he will let it down but rather does get in the way of some things and no one wants a face full of hair in the middle of certain antics.
Eye ColourEyes are a very deep shade of crimson that look like they are burning.
ClothingCrymson rarely wears clothing. But if he does it mostly is skirts and shirts and stockings. Sometimes he wears trousers.
AccessoriesCrymson wears a black collar with a single silver bell, the Christian cross engraved into it. He also has another silver bell attached to a large black bow which is tied to near end of his tail. He also wears glasses.
WeaponryCrymson's claws are his weapon. They can tear through flak armour like a knife through butter, but aren't as effective against anything made of metal. If the need calls for it though he does keep a large selection of projectile based weapons under his bed in a padlocked locker. He also has a very special hammer called The Hammer of Byjonhr ("Be-yon-hear",) the hammer of a long forgotten Norse God.
Special AbilitiesCrymson is truly male, however he is able to shapeshift. His range includes a female version of himself, as well as a Chakat, common fox, sabre-tooth, dragon-cat (Also known as a dragat,) as well as a herm form for most shapes.
Outstanding FeaturesDespite being male Crymson tends to wear feminine wear, though appearing slightly feminine in looks, he tends to stand out while wearing the female clothing. I suppose you could all him androgynous.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOften possessive, and obsessive with some stuff. Despite his sometimes negative attitude he is extremely playful loving both a nice little roll about the floor with any kind of species or a romp either in public or private with however many furs that are willing to join in. As with most felines, he is meticulous in his grooming and can often be seen grooming himself or someone else. He has a very inquisitive mind and likes science and technology.
BackgroundCrymson first came out of the closet a while back in October 2008, after realising some of the things he had been rejecting and embracing them he became a rather open individual which earned him the respect of a number of people and the friendship of others. his memory does tend to fail him at times which has annoyed a few people but he always aims to improve he memory and often ends up writing things down to help him do so.
LikesStrawberries, cherries, feline females, vixens, dragons, pain, being dominated, being restrained, snuggling, literacy, gaming, shota and some other stuff.
DislikesIdiots, illiteracy, cheaters, homophobes and other things.
LocationBedfordshire, England.
OccupationOwner of Purrfection Cafe (On Anthrochat.net IRC Server.)
Additional InfoHas a very English Accent, tends to make people laugh, though Crymson doesn't find it amusing as most others.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteA spy is sappin mah sentry! ;~;

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