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Zen Malori Fetcher holding his favored sword.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameZen Malori Fetcher
SpeciesAlien Mouse
Weight140 pounds
SummaryA kind and friendly mouse with a history out of this world.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourZen's fur is thick and warm, also well cared for. At glance, his fur appears to be red, though it's a burnt shade of brown. The fur on his underside is a nice, creamy white that runs from the bottom half of his muzzle, to the tip of the underside of his tail.
Hair ColourHis hair is well kept and appearing red as the rest of his fur.
Eye ColourZen's eyes are a deep shade of red.
ClothingFor the most part, Zen wears simple clothing. Usually a pair of khakis and a blue sweater.
AccessoriesThe only thing he may sometimes be seen wearing is an odd bracelet with a band of colored light running through it.
WeaponryZen wields a simple, large, curved sword, though he he may use a different sword like a katana.
Special AbilitiesBeing alien, he of course has the trait of spawning tentacles. He can spawn up to thirty tentacles,each specialized to preform a different task. Also, his cells allow him to act as a virus to control or alter ones state of mind. Because of how his cells are, he is also super strong and fast, able to lift four times his weight and sprint at up to 30 miles an hour.
Outstanding FeaturesThe most outstanding feature about this mouse would be that every fluid in his body is black. Of course, this would be hard to find out, but his tongue is a dark tone of gray.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBeing alien, the mouse is beyond curious about many things. He is also naive at times, though he's not necessarily a dumb mouse. In fact, he's rather smart. He catches on to concepts quickly and learns at a quick pace. One thing he learned was friendship though, and he clung to that concept quickly! Zen is a very friendly mouse.
BackgroundInfected with an odd virus from his home planet, Zen left his native star to start a new life to avoid the cruelty of his home planet's government. Oddly, this virus seemed to mutate Zen in a manor that was helpful, striking fear in the heart of his kind. The government wanted to use Zen as a weapon to obtain mass power, but then an old prophecy was remembered of a child who would grow to become the destroyer of civilizations. It made sense that Zen would be that child, so they tried what the could to suppress this virus; and they failed. Zen grew strong enough to escape and came to the planet earth. A mouse found him and took him into his home where he's live out a normal life with Xin (A fragment of himself that formed upon entering the earth's atmosphere. He refers to Xin as his brother.), though he's been unable to hide some of his alien-like traits.
OccupationZen ended up becoming a bartender! It was a job he was good at and luckily, alcohol had little effect on him!

Just for Fun