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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMina
SpeciesSize Dragoness
Height1 Mile+
Weight.....Run? =3 Naw, I don't care, just don't know!
SummarySize Dragons are fairly flexible in, well...size. They can actually, once knowing of their abilities, learn to change size through Will alone. Most of the race can't grow past a Mile or so, but Mina seems to have undergone some manner of magical interference- Not to mention that The Goddess Violet has taught her many methods to grow a lot larger as well.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRather pale. Skin! ^^'
Hair ColourBlonde, of course! =3
Eye ColourA light blue.
ClothingMina would rather not do without them, though it adds to difficulty of growth. She usually goes about in a White Tanktop and a blue skirt half-way to her knees. No shoes, usually. Past 3000 Miles, she only wears undergarments.
WeaponryHer size, obviously.
Special Abilities...Growth through Will. See above. She also seems fairly immune to both Growth and Shrinking by Magic and Science, though this is mainly that any potions are nulled by her stomach and her scales will not let things such as rays through.
Outstanding FeaturesFairly rare race.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMina is very fun-loving, and actually rarely(If ever) uses her size to be cruel. Just about the only time that she is very serious and concentrating is when growing, but afterwards it's usually all in good fun regardless.
BackgroundIn all truthfulness...this is all very new to her. She was fairly large as a Child, just naturally, having gone from a height of roughly two feet at Birth to a good fifty feet by age sixteen. Around Age Eighteen, the Size Dragoness learned fully of her powers from some manner of vision that she claimed to have had, and in the last year(Give or take.), she had worked on applying herself to controlling the Growth better. She often enjoys playing with (usually smaller) Macro people, though not in the way that it may sound.
LikesMessing around, being bigger than most people, destroying cities(...For the fun, not cruelty!!)
DislikesHow her growth powers work, people a LOT bigger than her.
LocationHey, she may as well have her own Zip code.
OccupationGiant Dragoness!
Additional InfoNone.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote=3

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