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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIirly
SpeciesSilver-phase Red Fox
Height157 cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Weight111.6 kg (246 pounds)
SummaryIirly is a Silver-phase digitigrade red fox standing 5' 2" tall and weighing an improbable 246 pounds, all on a very curvy tightly and surprisingly heavily-muscled frame. She wears a black tube-top and black fur-tight bike shorts and carries a pair of throwing-balanced mono-axes at her sides. She can cloak like the Predator.

For build, she is somewhere between really big gymnast girl (from the 1980's when they used steroids and were VERY well-muscled) and light bodybuilder, just not all nasty-veiny.

Iirly's axes look pretty much like these images, except the blades are silvery-crystalline... Iirly's Axes

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilvery-gray with black tipping all around, black backs of ears, black "socks" and "gloves", plus tip of tail.
Hair ColourDark midnight blue "frosted" with silvery-blue tips.
Eye ColourBright blue
ClothingIirly wears a matte-black non-reflective tube top and a set of matte-black non-reflective fur-tight bike shorts when relaxing or not needing more.

When "working", Iirly adds in calf-high boots with retractable mono-edged toe blades and heel blades, armored forearm guards, and a headband to keep her hair out of her eyes in a fight. Also often worn is a shimmery-satin-like midnight blue cloak with odd silvery embroidery through it. The cloak doesn't hinder her ability to use her cloaking field.

Iirly also has a full set of matte-black "stealth" armor, made of diamondoid and carbon nanomaterial. Incredibly strong and penetration-resistant, it's coated in a substance that will bubble and blister under energy weapons, thus preventing blow-through by diffusing the energy. Iirly has worn it once, since if things have reached that stage then something's gone very, very wrong.
WeaponryIirly carries at all times (yes, even to the shower and in the bathroom!) two high-tech axes. Perfectly balanced for throwing, these axes have edges that are serrated at a microscopic level (maximizing their cutting ability at a fairly large scale) and fine down to the width of a single carbon-carbon molecule (monomolecular edge). With the rare exception of specialized armors and energy shields, these blades will essentially cut anything they contact: flesh, bone, metal, ceramic.

Aside from these two fearsome weapons there is Iirly herself, who is trained in the arts of stealth and a unique martial art form (as are all her clan). With no pun intended, it can effectively be said that Iirly is herself a weapon.
Special AbilitiesIirly's reflexes and perception speeds are normally several times faster than human (approximately ten times faster). Coupled with enough muscle and fast-twitch response to use this, Iirly fights in a blur, with anything less than high-speed cameras having trouble actually catching some of her moves. While in a fight, her endurance can be measured in minutes at best, but she regains her wind after the same, and can once again engage at that eye-blurring pace.

Iirly (and indeed all her kind) also have tremendously accurate hearing, ranging into the ultrasound, and precise enough to target and range effectively when blind. Her eyes have top-end night vision (though it DOES require some light to work). In addition, her daylight vision is equally acute and "keys" on motion, almost highlighting it in her brain. Also like all her kind, she has a highly-developed sense of smell, and can both identify substances and people by scent and can track efficiently on scent alone.

One last set of special abilities are true of Iirly's kind: all of them can generate (through means only they know) a cloaking field, essentially a close-to-body field where light is warped around them, rendering them essentially invisible to optical and infrared detection. The same field has properties that dampen sound. Lastly, they can completely deaden their scent, masking it to become one with the environment.
Outstanding FeaturesMaybe her looks and species...

Personality & Background

PersonalityIirly is a weird mix. When relaxing she is easy-going, fun-loving, affectionate, even huggable and loving. However, when in combat, Iirly becomes a killing machine, and doesn't hesitate to end life. She feels there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. She also, perhaps chillingly, doesn't accept surrender. In a sparring match, she'll stop shy of REAL injury to someone, but will still fight until they stay down and/or tap out, that being the ONLY surrender possible.
On a job (most people peg her for an assassin, while she sees herself as a freedom fighter), she is cold, demanding, and ruthless. Those who are in the way or slow her down get lowered down to the level of "expendable asset", and she won't hesitate to use them that way. Witnesses and bystanders are "secondary targets", and only proven known allies are left standing.

The most frightening thing is she can switch between these outlooks like flicking a switch.
BackgroundAsk, though she may not answer.
LikesHugging, cuddling, friends, good fun, even pranks, plus a well-done job. Iirly also has a soft spot for a rare treat: chocolate (it gets her kind stoned off their gourd!)
Dislikes Iirly has an intense hatred of oppression and slavery, though recognizes bondage as a matter of trust and love. That, and disarmament, as she feels that an armed society is a polite, free society.
OccupationFreedom Fighter