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A request I made to my girlfriend, she drew me exactly how I wanted her to draw me, so yay!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMartin "Mar" Alexander Phane.
Height3 Meters (10 feet)
WeightOver a ton of pure muscle.
SummaryA big blue and white dragon. Do I look like a Flamey? Yep! That's 'cause Mar used to be one! But now I opted to get rid of things that get in the way, namely armor or clothing! ;D

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep blue scales are the major complexity of Mar's skin, the minor parts (Such as muzzle, chest, belly and underbelly) are white.
Hair ColourSnow White.
Eye ColourSapphire Blue.
ClothingNone! Why hide perfection? ;3
AccessoriesNone! Don't need them to look cool! :D
WeaponryMastermune (Swallow/Oarblade) Yep! Taking from Chrono Cross! Don't know how Mastermune looks like? Check this pic with Mar in DragonMaster clothes with his friend Linvar, ready to battle here! http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk281/EmberingLight/Marriesrequestagain.jpg
Special Abilities- Control over Fire in all of its forms. - Mastery over Energy manipulation. (Can reshape matter into energy and vice-versa, can make others power up or febble them by this method! Can heal and cure as well, but sadly this doesn't work on him self.) - Soul Crush: Blazing Chasm. (A concentrated attack that summons over the spirit of the dragon god Infini to obliberate enemies :D) - Meditation. (Can Ascend/Shapeshift into various other dragon forms of various sizes, forms and power!)
Outstanding FeaturesOverly huge and powerful muscles. Big 'ahem'. A key weakness of his is cold water. If he catches a cold, he turns into a little baby dragon for a certain amount of time.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing, hungry (Always), horny, womanizer, rebel, arrogant, dominant, self-conceited. However, also very loyal to friends and family, never passes an opportunity to help, and is always in search of some fire to put out! :D (Which he probably caused anyways.)
BackgroundBorn in an Ice Dragon Village by the name of Yukiryuu where Fire Dragons are not tolerated. The village had decided to execute him at the age of 14, but his parents sent him off the village to prevent this. Followed by his twin sister Dorothy-Ann (Who's an ice dragon), the two of them left the Yukiryuu village to live on their own. Hardships have been lived by both of them, but at the moment they live in an apartment together :]
LikesWomen, submissive prey, working out, getting his body worshipped, burgers (<- Favorite food), fighting for fun, showing off and hot places!
DislikesAssholes, people that live up only to parasite others, selfish people with no purpose but to use others for their own gain, fish, cold water.
LocationArgentina - Buenos Aires.
OccupationWomanizer! Nah just kidding. He gets no money from that. He's a lazy bum! :3

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotehttp://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk281/EmberingLight/OBJECTION.gif

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