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First attempt of Dot wearing her schoolgirl uniform, drawn by my girlfriend tigerlily :3 Cute ain't she?

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDorothy-Ann "Dot" Phane
Height1meter and 80 centimeters (About 6 feet and 4 inches or so)
SummaryA blue and white water dragoness who's pretty much a nerd. Loves tinkering with technology and experimenting in laboratories. Loves Chemistry and Physics!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep Blue scale complex over the majority of her body, while the remaining minority is white (Muzzle, chest, belly and underbelly).
Hair ColourSnow white.
Eye ColourSapphire Blue.
ClothingNothing. YOU WISH! Nah j/k, she usually wears a tight dark blue blouse and a lightblue mini-skirt. But in that picture up there she's wearing her designated school uniform!
AccessoriesRound, geeky glasses and a cute red ribbon tied at the end of her tail and to tie up her hair.
WeaponryAngelic Blade. Here's the reference pic with Dorothy's Myrmiddon form (Also drawn by my girlfriend): http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk281/EmberingLight/Dotinbattlearmor.jpg
Special Abilities- Water and Ice Manipulation. - Breathe under water. - Healing and Defensive 'chi' spells. - Abilities aligned with Holy Light. - Soul Crush: Seraphic Retribution. (A holy attack that summons over an Archangel to fight alongside Dot in battle!)
Outstanding FeaturesHourglass-like body. Need I say anymore? Oh yeah, she's got a fat bu- *SMACK* Dot: *Holding a broken frying pan* Don't you dare! *Puffs cheeks angrily*

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy, cheerful, romantic, naturally sensual, lovable, cuddly.
BackgroundFollowing her twin brother Mar after he was expelled from their village of origin, this dragoness has been all and a support pillar for her sibling, offering her help, but also being really close to him, like a loving sister would.
LikesSweet things and people. Strawberries (<- Favorite food). Fish (Sushi preferably). Chemistry, physics, and college in general. Big and strong, but sweet men. Cold temperatures, swimming, water in general.
DislikesMeanies, hot places, thunder storms, lighting in general.
LocationArgentina - Buenos Aires.
OccupationCollege Student/Somatology Laboratory Assistant.
Additional InfoWubs cute outfits and dolls! Tends to abuse her brother's weakness to dress him up as a baby dragon with said outfits. (<_<)

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteGee!