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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlden Williams
SpeciesFerrettaur (Black-footed)
HeightSee outstanding features
Weight259 lbs
SummaryAlden is a black-footed ferrettaur warrior. His upper body is anthro ferret, his lower, quad ferret. He is the last of his family and prides himself on making a name for his business (means a clan when referring to ferret species, look it up if need be, I'm serious).

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack paws, tail tip, and facial mask, red everywhere else (the red is the coloring of his business)
Hair Colour"Hair? What do you think I am, a lion? I've just got fur, pal. No mane for me." Alden looks at you disdainfully.
Eye ColourTurquoise
ClothingPlain black shirt that covers from collar to just above the waist
AccessoriesGolden moon necklace with inscription, "My brave friend... bring our business pride and honor. ~Princess Cyrene~ Silver bracelets with golden suns on both hands Bronze anklets with silver stars on all four paws
WeaponryKhukuri knife (Cyrene), sheathed and carried at left side of waist
Special AbilitiesCan transform to anthro form and back to taur form
Outstanding FeaturesAlden is 6'4" from head to paw, and his lower body is 6'1 from front paw to back paw. His tail is 2'3" long. In anthro form, Alden is 6'3", and his tail is 1'3".

Personality & Background

PersonalityAlden is kind and resourceful, though not afraid to become temperamental if pushed to the brink.
BackgroundAlden was born to commoner parents in the Allera business. The princess Cyrene Allera was one of his best childhood friends. On his 16th birthday, she gave him a golden, inscribed, full moon necklace that he wears to this day. Later that night, the entire business was ambushed by wolftaur barbarians. Because Alden was awake at the time, and somewhat skilled with his khukuri knife (he named it Cyrene in honor of the princess's 16th birthday just 3 months before), he escaped with his life. However, only he was able to get away, making him a business prince by default, since he was not yet 18. Remembering one of the wolftaurs shouting the name "Azaki," Alden set out to find his assailants and correct the wrongs that had taken his entire business away...
LikesVulpines, dragons, gryphons, felines, his several mementos
DislikesLupines, losing his temper, losing loved ones
LocationLast seen somewhere in the forests of Ekinia
Additional Info"That's all you need to know about me," Alden says softly. "In fact, I may have told too much. Azaki hunts me..."