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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAkemi Foxstorm
HeightFive feet and nine inches.
WeightTwo hundred pounds.
SummaryA bishounen`ish individual, a lil' more meat on his bones than most, yet still quite toned but nowhere near what one might consider masculine even in the lightest sense of the definition. Dark silver, thick, but short fur with white patterns standard to that of your average fox. The only additions being a heart-shaped patch of black fur on his right ass cheek, the entire "tattoo" about the size of your average male`s palm. His hair is short, yet thick, it`s color a somewhat dark to medium brown. Bits of curl can be seen, but otherwise it`s an unorganized scruffy mess. His light hazel eyes peer curiously from beneath his black frame prescriptive lenses, the lens` shape following a rather fat oval-like shape. Two silver loops, no bigger than quarters, can be seen piercing through his right ear. Several little loops on each made of plastic, assembled in an order of the rainbow. His backside is definitely what one would consider perky, yet round.. a lil` more padding than usual around his thighs, but still shaped cutely and small enough that it doesn`t stick out.. less someone considering staring at it on their own accord, his fox tail usually drooping over it and swaying side to side casually.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark silver for the most part, white and black fur found where it's normally at on your standard, stereotypical fox; may change in the future.
Hair ColourBrown with highlighted tips of blond.
Eye Colourhazel green with small bits of blue.
Clothing usually a medium black or white t-shirt, just enough slack to so it feels comfortable with either gray or black sweats, no shoes.
AccessoriesTwo silver "Gay Pride" earrings that have plastic hoops making up a "Rainbow" pattern going through his right ear.
Special AbilitiesBasic spell casting that any decent intellectual can wield.
Outstanding FeaturesA heart-shaped "tattoo" of black fur on his right buttock.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDepends on the day, people around him, personal feelings and what not.. Happy one day, depressed the next! Variety is the spice of life!
LikesPrefers to discuss thru' conversation or role playing.
DislikesLook up.
LocationDepends where I'm at.
OccupationVarious; depends on the setting?
Additional InfoCan't think of any at the moment.

Just for Fun