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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMystieMae
SpeciesBovine (Holstein Cow)
GenderFemale (futanari)
SummaryA curvaceous cowgal! :3

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite with large irregular black spots
Hair ColourLight blonde
Eye ColourCobalt blue
ClothingA tight halter-top with a pair of cartoonish cows standing in a pasture, with cannon-turrets on their backs, with the caption, "Milk Tanks". A pair of black short-shorts with a white, studded belt. Pink thigh-high stockings, and chunky boots with big shiny buckles and metal plates bolted on.
AccessoriesFingerless gloves and studded bangles. A hair-clip in the shape of a cutely stylized skull.
WeaponryA touch of silliness, a touch of wit, and an endless supply of milk. Usually keeps a sniper rifle hidden somewhere, just in case.
Special AbilitiesSee above. Also quite skilled at crafting all manner of dairy products (butter, cheeses, etc) as well as marksmanship.
Outstanding FeaturesA broad-hipped, curvaceous body... soft, plush and comforting while being quite fit. Large, yet cute black horns standing out from her head. A long, tufted, unusually prehensile tail. Humanoid feet that end in parted hooves rather than toes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenerally easygoing, will handle any situation by playing it for laughs if she can. Can by a bit shy when faced with many people she doesn't know, or especially when it comes to sex. A dreamer, and a hopeless romantic, with a slight tendency toward laziness.
BackgroundA light blue floral pattern? How about some of those crystal lookin' things that come with Vista? (she doesn't seem to like to talk about the past)
LikesAnime, JRPG's and other eastern-born games. Loud, aggressive music, preferably Black/Death Metal. Milk, cake and other sweets...and good food in general. Science - especially Physics and Astronomy.
DislikesEmo kids, attention whores, whiners. People who are hostile toward futa/herms... Rudeness, poor grammar. Racism, homophobia, organized religion. She also tends to distrust and/or dislike people who drink alcohol.
LocationWhere you least expect her.
OccupationSeems to have a small dairy farm.
Additional InfoWhat, there's more? Jeez. Just talk to her and you'll find out whatever's not here.

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