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The General, and his battlecry, by Arakaraath

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGeneral Bazil Tiberius Yat
SpeciesModified Black Rat Rattus Rattus
Age24 (physical 39 due to accellerated growth)
SummaryA 3ft rat with a big gun.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack
Hair ColourNone
Eye ColourRed
ClothingFlak jacket and green beret. Otherwise, depends on mission
AccessoriesCigars, combat webbing and other miscelaneous combat supplies.
WeaponryFrenchelli SPAS-12 or Winchester 1200 shotgun, Browning L9A1 sidearm, frag grenades
Special AbilitiesExcellent infiltrator and combat soldier. Also trained in the use of all known civilian and military vehicles, up to and including B-52s and civillian airliners. Extremely good sense of smell and night-vision. He's also a reasonably good shot with most weapons
Outstanding FeaturesExtremely short. His red eyes are very reflective, seeming to glow in the faintest light. Shotgun as big as he is. "Natural" reformer systems

Personality & Background

PersonalityEasy-going and laid back, until angered or in combat. Then he's all business...
BackgroundGeneral Baz is the commanding officer of 404 Rat Batallion Royal Marines Commando, AKA The Unfound or the Black Death. A top-secret project, the Black Death are universally under 3ft2, black-furred, and designed to be infiltrators or close-assault troops. He is genetically modified from the common Black Rat, the same breed that carried the plague...
LikesCigars, vore, combat
DislikesWho he's told to fight, vore without permission
LocationBlack Curs Base
OccupationCommanding Officer
Additional InfoThis is my "Me" fursona, with a few historical changes.

Just for Fun