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Thanks to mixedbreed for the pick ^^ That's me with really big boobs hehe

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGiantGrowingVixen ( GGV )
Height7ft(small) - 777ft(normal) - Infinity
Weight*stomps whoever asks*
SummaryBeautiful sexy giant vixen. BIGGEST whore ever ( haha get it, it's a pun ). Her giant curvy body is epic from head to toe. Perhaps thinking too much of her self she loves to flaunt, tease, and please other furs. Loves to show off her huge bewbs and paws and other parts of her body as well. She is often growing, which only makes her that much more appealing.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSexy pink fur, vibrant flowing, and purple pads.
Hair ColourPink
Eye ColourGlowing light blue
ClothingNone ! Wewt !!!
WeaponrySex appeal, bewbs, and paws :P Claws as well as sharp teeth. Temptation, teasing, and irresistibly epic body.
Special AbilitiesCan use magic to grow in size, proportionately and disproportionately as well ( ie making chest or paws bigger ). Can use magic on other furs as well increasing their size as well, or for those micros that love some abuse she can make them mostly indestructible so that they will not die from paw stompage or other naughty things ;)
Outstanding FeaturesHuge breasts, (not because she is so tall) Her paws are sexy and will entice you with their stench.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLoves the attention she gets from furs most of the time. Loves to play and get naughty with other furs ;) Pretty much does what ever she pleases, usually likes to induce in self pleasuring activities. She has a bit of a devious side, and often her ego is too big for her own good.
BackgroundShe came to the planet not really sure who she was or where she fit in, and in a sense she isn't really sure where she fits in still. She just likes to goof off and have fun, but you never know what she's gonna do, one moment she'll have you on your back feeling turned on, and the next she's ripping out your soul :O
LikesPretty much everything :D Hyper/growth, paw play, vore/gore, Loves to goof off and will do pretty much anything ;)
DislikesPretty much nothing
LocationStanding over you
OccupationThe 'Paris Hilton' of the furry world ;)
Additional InfoGGV is so totally random

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteStill has to be, "ITS OVER 9000 !!!!"