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Vital Statistics!

Character Namelivius indra
SpeciesAnthropomorphic hydra
Heighteight feet
Summary--If you wish to see a pic' i'll give you a link just ask-- (don't be shy, add me to msn or yahoo if you wish for a little fun ;] ) Livís being stands over eight feet tall,his backside being protected by an even layer of black scales with red outlines, the front side of his body (from lower jaw to groin region) is a dark purple color, a two horns on the back of his head that start upwards, arching back down, the ends of these horns lower than their bases, the color of these horns red, with a black trimming at a side view, his wngs expand up to ten feet, his wings black, he has what appears to have a second pair of arms though connected to his spine at his upper back, though a humerus unfolds from the forearms of his secondary set of arms, exposing a purple webbing. Also the fact his secondary set of arms are actually wings he has three long digits on each hand with slender palm's, his tail four feet long with spikes at the end up to a foot long in the style of a stegosaurus's tail would be though still as flexable as a serpent's tail, having four short toe's the most inner toes the largest with the only talon's long enough that the talon's are arched

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourred/black/purple
Hair ColourN/A
Eye ColourDark blue
ClothingN/A nothing shows, so he sees no point in covering his body
WeaponryLiv' own's a twin set of blades made from bone, these blades looking as if to be a dragon's skull from a side view excluding the lower jaw, one one edge of the blades multiple dragons fangs lay across the fringe (wrong word?) the fangs reaching up to the lengths of five inches, the longer the fangs the more curved out sideways they are
Special Abilitieshe has many abilities, hypnosis, telekinesis, tendrils, master of creating pill's, able to create any kind, increasing, decreasing size, strength pill, pain relieving, energy pills etc, teleportation of inanimant objects such as his pills and weapons, his sclaes/horns/webbing/claws switch colors to camoflauge himself with his surroundings
Outstanding Featuresonly real thing is he has three serpentine silvertipped tongues, when his wings are folded, his wings appear to be a second set of arms only connected to his spine, upper back

Personality & Background

Personalityhe's aggressive, short tempered, arrogant, conceited, randy, raunchy, bisexual
Background[Censored - Inappropriate descriciption removed, text must be PG-13]
LikesMost things are unable to be listed here, lazing around, his scales, gold, macro kisses, snuggles n' cuddles, many other things
Dislikessexism, homophobia, being ignored, scales being scratched or dirty, he despised other being trying to change his breed of creature, he CAN'T STAND humans or vampires for that reason EVERY human and over three quarters of the vampires he meets try forcing him into a human-like form or switching his breed to something else
Locationmost often at realchat.com or chatmaze.com
Occupationhe runs an inn called "Dragon's Heart Inn"
Additional Info

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Herm

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