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It is wise not to wake him up, unless you want to meet "five-fingered Frank".

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBrandon H. "Cowboy"
SpeciesSouthern Timber Wolf
Weight226.04 Lbs
SummaryA reckless wolf from down on the Third Coast. Under his callous exterior is a young pup seeking acceptance and love, which he has found recently in the arms of a beautiful Akita Inu named Shade, and has never been happier. Above that is a cold-hearted murderer.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey fur, kinda like cigarette smoke
Hair ColourBlack as night, black as coal, with a few gray strands. He usually pulls out any of the ones he finds.
Eye ColourBrown with a small white splotch on his right iris.
ClothingPrefers to wear Jeans, an Olive-green Trenchcoat and Boots most of the time, not much else.
Accessories-A ball-bearing chain necklace, with a sparkplug on it. -A black collar, with a bone-shaped tag on it that simply reads "SHADE'S BITCH". -Three Belts. One, holds his jeans up, and holds the sheath to his survival knife, while the other two hold his custom-built revolvers. -A large, silver Beltbuckle, on his "center" belt, which depicts the state of Texas in Gold, surrounded by stars and ornate designs. -A black Stetson Cowboy hat, with three bullets in the hatband, and a small skull clasp on the hatband. The three bullets are labeled, "Self, Friends, Family", and has the words etched into the shell casings. -A ring on his right ring finger, which consists of a skull placed over crossed pistons. -Black steel Toed Leather work boots, size 14W -Welding Goggles, usually perched on his brow, instead of over his eyes. -Thick leather welding gloves, which are dark tan, and very dirty. -The word "PESTILANCE" is embroidered down the left sleeve of his trenchcoat.
WeaponryRevolvers, "Life and Death: Caliber: .454 Taurus Construction: Stainless Steel Frame, Synthetic Grip Capacity: six shots each Sights: Iron M-14 Carbine Assault Rifle, "Miss Fourteen": Caliber: 7.62x51mm(.308 Winchester) Construction: Forged Steel Barrel, Walnut Stock, Modified Tungsten and Titanium bolt assembly Capacity: 30 round extended clip, six clips total Sights: Modified Rail that can accept a scope, but currently holds a red dot sight Modifications: Muzzle drilled and tapped to accept a Muzzle Break or Silencer. Currently has Muzzle Break Installed. Modified to reduce full-auto barrel-jump, faster rate of fire, variable fire mode, lug on barrel to accept a 40mm Grenade Launcher or a Bayonet. Survival Knife: Length: 13.5 Inches Blade: Forged Carbide Steel, straight edge, Serrated Edge on false edge. Contains: Survival Kit(Matches, Sewing Kit, Fishing line, weights, Compass, miniature whetstone)
Special AbilitiesPyrokinesis and Dark Energy Control. Currently learning Empath-Abilities from his mate. Well versed in Armed and Unarmed Combat.
Outstanding Features"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged" Tattooed into the fur across his shoulderblades. A scar across his right eye, and an x-shaped scar on his right forearm.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDepends on his mood, which shifts like the tides. He's rarely happy. Most of the time he's either indifferent, angry, or depressed. Kinda an asshole, but that's only because he's covering his shyness and fear of new people. When in the presence of his mate, he is a rather stereotypical "Mushy Lover", and will curl up in her lap if she tells him to. Yes, he is very much whipped.
BackgroundBorn and raised in southern Texas. The youngest child, he has an older brother. His parents divorced when he was 13, and it left him with deep emotional scarring. He's gotten over it, and lives a rather quiet life, when he isn't off on a rage-fueled rant. Met his mate, Shade Darkhalzen, by sheer chance. It was a case of love at first sight. He proposed to her shortly after her birthday, and the marriage is scheduled for Valentine's Day, 2009.
LikesWeed, Cigarettes, muscle cars, hunting, fishing, Tigresses, Vixens, Heavy Metal, Country Music, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Violence, Weapons, Fighting, Nature, and most of all, his Mate.
DislikesAny felines other than the aforementioned tigresses, Rice Rockets, idiots, rap music, Peta, Scientology, and Bible-Thumpers.
LocationSitting on the throne of his own little fucked up world, watching people brutally slaughter eachother. He's a Warlord, in other words.
Additional InfoMated to Shade Darkhalzen(Copyright Gunter) Tamer to Renny, the DarkRenamon. Drives a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 two-door. His right eyed is blinded due to a childhood accident. Despite repeated injuries caused by his reckless actions, he's never been severely injured. Chain smoker Swears out of habit Knows how to fluently cuss people out in English, Spanish, Latin, and German. He doesn't care what you say about him, but, he will gun you down without a second thought if you badmouth his mate or his digimon partner.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but I

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