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Her Ultimate Level, HellRenamon. DON'T. PISS. HER. OFF.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRenny
Weight100 Lbs
SummaryNot much is known about her. Even her partner is left in the dark about much of her past.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack, with a grey belly, mane, socks&gloves, eartips, and tailtip.
Eye ColourBlood Red
ClothingA pair of blood red gauntlets.
AccessoriesInverted cross necklace on a length of logging chain.
WeaponryNatural Abilities, MG-42 Medium Machine Gun with a 200-round drum clip.
Special AbilitiesObsidian Blades - kinda like Diamond Storm, but dark. Darkness Punch - Dark version of Wisteria Punch Digivolve to HellRenamon - Via the use of the AntiCrest of Destruction, and the DigiEgg of Chaos
Outstanding FeaturesDark version of your normal Renamon...with a machine gun.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTo anyone other than her tamer, she's cold, and seemingly aloof. To her tamer, she's sweet, caring, and thoughtful, occasionally playful.
BackgroundMet up with her tamer, Brandon H., in 2003. The rest is a complete mystery.
LikesHeavy Machine Guns, fighting, cheating in a "fair fight", long walks through the woods, looking at the stars.
DislikesAnyone who dismisses her as "dark" and "evil", the French, anyone who doesn't have the decency to hold flatulence in around females.
LocationSoutheast Texas, with her tamer.
OccupationDigimon, as of yet, cannot have a job, which suits her just fine.
Additional InfoDigimon partner to Brandon H. Despite being a Rookie-Level, she is suprisingly strong and fast, even for a Renamon.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"aww, you have a knife? well, here's a machine gun."