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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlix
SummaryBlix is different from his other family members, Blix had telepathic powers he can move things and tell if someones behind him or around the cornor or even 10 miles away and pretty much any other abilitys a telapath would have. his hobbys are playing guitar,drums,drawing,Playing Soccer,Swimming, and he's ok with computers. he's really a good friend and a better ally

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourfur colors: Dark gray fur with a white under belly
Hair ColourDark Gray
Eye ColourBlue
Clothinghe wares jeans and he always had on his black turtle neck sweat shirt(unless hes doing a sport then hes in uniform)
Accessoriesmost of the time he carries around a little sketchbook and pencils in case he has an idea
Weaponryalways carries a pistol for protection even though he can see it coming from 10 miles away
Special Abilitiestelapathic:move things with mind,mind reading[he's working on that one],he can sense things from 10 miles away,and hes awesome on guitar and drums
Outstanding FeaturesHe is outstanding at swimming and at playing drums

Personality & Background

Personalityin the middle he's dark but socializes a lot with friends[very very close friends] when he's not feeling in the happy sorta mood he's dark thinking non stop. on his pre ACT test he scored an almost perfect score he got 2 questions wrong he knew them but didn't want to do them.
BackgroundHe never discuses his past with people out side his family (or people very close to him)the only thing we know is that something happened when he was around 5 or 6
LikesSoccer,Finding new powers,Drawing,People that like his art,and messing with peoples minds,Grape Fruit& peaches
DislikesPeople who hate his art[P.s no one is brave enough to],games that don't make sense,and people that cant think of better ways of doing something
LocationSimple where ever he wants to be
OccupationStudent making money off his art and doing some part time jobs

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotejust because someone is of higher intelagence doesnt mean they cant act retarded some thimes

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