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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGretchen
HeightAnywhere from 5 feet up!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourmostly red, black paws and feet, white chest
Hair Colourreddish-blonde
Eye Colourgreen
ClothingShe wears a black spandex top that leaves her shoulders exposed and covers down to just below her breasts, while a matching pair of form-fitting spandex shorts cover her hips, rear, and the upper half of her thighs. Monogram-type lettering on one shoulder-strap reads, "B. I. B." in red.
Special AbilitiesGrowing!

Personality & Background

PersonalityA usually easy-going fox who enjoys chatting about a variety of topics. Her main passion, however, is size-shifting. Her wish to be taller led her to seek the help of a druid friend. Upon getting her wish, she found that she enjoyed the experience of growing and the concept of being taller so much that she desired still more. She now works eagerly on her quest for size, exploring new possibilities, slowly becoming stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger sizes within her grasp.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Bigger is better!"

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