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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVixy Dawnfire
SpeciesAnthropomorphic Bat
AgeOooh, you want to chance asking? Tsk tsk tsk.....
Height(base) Eight foot ten, but she
WeightAsking THAT is another way to get yourself in a lot of hot water.
SummaryShe's a sinful carnivorous anthro bat who can also feed off of blood, fear, and... um... sexual discharge. She's very tall and has complete control over her impossibly resilient body.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA deep leathery black, her tail is a deep crimson as well as her paws, her clawed hands, half of her wings, and her underarms.
Hair ColourNaturally read, she had plenty of black "highlights". Her hair flows down all the way to her E-cup breasts, but she always seems to keep it out of their way.
Eye ColourA shimmering hazel that is almost closer to red...
ClothingAlways sensual, she can always be found in something leather and revealing, or even a stripper's outfit. She also is constantly in a pair of eight inch heels.
AccessoriesHer heels, which she never takes off. They grow with her and are studded with rubies and stones of onyx.
WeaponryShe almost never uses it, but she can summon a ruby sword. Her powers of shadow, as well as her fangs and her jeweled claws, are enough to give her the upper edge in almost any fight.
Special AbilitiesShe controls the shadows and can manipulate them as she sees fit. Some of her favorite things to do are form ropes, throw lightning bolts, and even create a sort of "brain fog" which allows her to establish a control over a fur's mind. Her natural aroma also causes drowsiness if too much is inhaled.
Outstanding FeaturesHer hayuge bewbiez? Lawl... Uh, her body is also indestructible and somewhat stretchy--but not too much.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySexy, manipulative, and very, very, very evil. Usually.
LikesCasually: Playing with people's minds, biting their necks, scaring them out of their wits, corrupting people's minds, and licking micros.

Sensually: Growth, shrinking others, vore (eating others), inducing fear, biggar bewbiez!
DislikesNot getting her way, being beaten in a fight, and the color blue.
LocationIn the depths and shadows, planning her next hunt.
Additional InfoHer nickname "Starlight" comes from her hunting style--she like to dazzle with her beauty, then suddenly pulls out her shadow powers and goes supernova on the poor fur.