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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTetsishi
Height3 Feet!
SummaryA young pokemorph of questionable origins and height. He's generally playful, though also seems to come off as a bit shy, though often playful when convinced. He also tends to have a very exploratory nature with lots of things!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourYellow all around, apart from black fur lining his ears, neck, and a small portion of his jagged tail. He has a small bit of headfur covering the lower parts of his ears, too!
Hair ColourYellow, again!
Eye ColourGreen, a sharper color.
ClothingGenerally tends to be found in an apparently very tight sort of rubbery suit that covers him from paws to neck, or a large, sheet-like shirt/cloak woven from a makeshift combination of several other bits of clothing, or, on rarer occasions, nothing at all. It's hard finding suitable clothing for micros!
AccessoriesNot much, as he usually can't carry much in any of his clothes! Nor is there much to really carry.
WeaponryHis feet, mild shocks, and that's just about it.
Special AbilitiesIs very poor at using electricity, and can't really grow or shrink on his own! He can, however, take any sort of impact fairly well, so he has a bit of super-durability. His electricity discharge, however, tends to effect his height...too much used up means he shrinks, and absorbing electricity makes him grow!
Outstanding FeaturesTininess, definitely! Oh, and a little bandanna he enjoys wearing.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA bit shy about his short stature, Tetsishi is nevertheless eager to have fun and make friends, part of his slightly childish nature. Still, he loves puzzles, despite how gullible he tends to be, and is quick to inspect the unusual or distraught.
BackgroundAsk him, or something! =P
LikesGrowth and shrinking, both macros and micros (and normal-os), sweet foods, games, good friends, cuddling, and all sorts of other things!
DislikesVery little, aside from adverse attitudes and general mean-spiritedness.
LocationRight behind you! Or underpaw, or something!
OccupationAdventurer, odd-job traveler, transporter...he'll do whatever he can to help out!