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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVencari Hitaka
SpeciesWinged Snow Leopard/Artic Wolf
Heightanywhere from 3ft to 150ft but usually 6ft
Weighthe is extremely fit why would he care about that
SummaryVence is a snow leopard and arctic wolf hybrid, he has the appearance of a snow leopard with a slightly more fluffy tail and pointed ears with cuts at the base of his ears and his muzzle comes to more of a point then rounded off, and yes he is a bisexual kitty, so he likes the males and females

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSnow White with black spots
Hair ColourBlack down to the base of his neck and lets it hang all around his face
Eye ColourBlue green
ClothingFishnet shirt to show off his muscly chest, and normal length shorts that are usually frayed at the bottoms, a two ninja head bands from the show Naruto one around his neck and one on his forhead; Neck one: Hidden Leaf Village with a cut through it, Forehead one: Hidden Sound Village, black fingerless gloves and a spiked writs bands
AccessoriesI-pod with headphones and sometimes speakers
WeaponryOne 11 inch throwing ninja knife
Special AbilitiesPill manufacturer/creator, and the ability to control fire, and the mastering of karate, taijutsu, and most forms of mix marshal arts
Outstanding Features29 ft wing span(hidden most of the time), fluffy tail, and somewhat of a dog features in his face

Personality & Background

PersonalityVence is a nice, fun loving, social hybrid that likes to make friends daily.
BackgroundVence is a unique case, he comes from a household where his mother and middle half brother are Snow Leopards and his father and oldest half brother are Arctic wolfs. His mother and father get along great but his brother always fought with each other. So his parents had to tend to them and not so much to him after his cub years. So he mostly raised himself, that is how he learned to fend for himself at such a young age. He tought himself most of what he knows now, how to fight and throw his grandpa's throwing knife, and the art of pill creation and fire usage. Now he spends his time looking for someone to spark his interests.
LikesPaws, Tails, Macros, Foxes, Herms, Bucks, Mice, anything really...lol
DislikesStraight up rude people
LocationSunny California, USA
OccupationA professional chef
Additional InfoDon't provoke me into attacking

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLove is a perfect emoition for it brings along with it happyness and sadness, once the happyness is gone there is sadness, but the one that brings you everlasting happyness is the one love you need. - My quote

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