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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlina
Height6ft 9in
WeightDo you wanna be hurt
SummaryNow for somethin a bit sexy....she may act tough but she is really sweet when she wants to be, of course she is a Biker Chick. She's a 6ft 9in Echidna fem her skin is yellow but is complemented by her long flowing Spines which are a deep purple with pink bangs hanging down she is more of a springtime dresser wearing a fishnet undershirt with a belly showing tanktop and long bell bottom type pants covering almost all of her feet which are covered by some nice shoes

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourYellow
Hair ColourDeep Purple with pink Streaks
Eye Colouremerald green and so gorgeous they look as if they pierce your soul
Clothingpurple tanktop with Diamond opening in the middle, baggy purple jeans, and pink boots
Accessoriesher Motorcycle It's a Harley
WeaponryI'm like Tifa in that aspect I use Brute Strength, oh and also she is Psychic so I wouldn't sneak up on her if I were you
Outstanding FeaturesWell her B**Bs are twice Rouge's size and she is the tallest Echidna known to mankind

Personality & Background

Personality Tough but sweet
LikesGiants, Growth, Bike Riding, Relaxing
Dislikeshmm not completely sure