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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKarlia
SpeciesLucario Pokemorph
Height5 ft
WeightYou really want to ask?
SummaryKarlia is a fun loving lucario. She is known to be rather mischevious but not overly dangerous in her little stunts. She loves just about anyone and anything!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTake a normal lucario and replace the blue with purple and look down for more features.
Hair ColourPurple and reaches down halfway to her elbows.
Eye ColourPurple and full of mischeviousness!
ClothingA shirt that has an arrow pointing up on one of her breasts while the other breast has an arrow pointing down. She also wears long jeans and actually does wear shoes and socks! The jeans are blue while the shoes and socks are white.
AccessoriesNone yet
WeaponryAny move that the pokemon lucario can use along with some more creative uses of her powers.
Special AbilitiesEach of her breasts has a very special milk in it. One of them causes the drinker to grow while the other causes them to shrink. This works on herself as well.
Outstanding FeaturesThe fur around each of Karlias nipples is pink. The breast that causes growth has the pink fur in the shape of a mushroom while the shrinking breast has the fur in the shape of a lightning bolt [like the super smash brothers game ;)]. the end of her tail also is curled into a semblance of a heart and she has multiple piercings on each ear, 5 each. Karlia also has a retractible chest spike that is usually hidden as well as two spikes, one on the back of each hand.

Personality & Background

PersonalityExtremely cheerful and bubbly, loves to play and pull pranks on people using her milk especially!
BackgroundNone atm
LikesPulling pranks on people with her milk, cuddling, having all sorts of fun with others.
DislikesGetting into fights but will do it occaisionally when that pokemon drive must be satiated!