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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMnemosyne
Weight88 lb.s

Outward Appearance

Hair ColourLight brown.
Eye ColourBlack.
ClothingHats: An oversized gray iron helm, with two curved horns set on top, old enough to have been made before Syne was born; a leather cap; a heavy, oversized fur hat.

Tops: A bear skin; a plain, green tunic; a mail shirt; an ornamental, red-clothed, gold-embroidered tunic.

Bottoms: A pair of leather shorts, with steel rings embedded in the leather to help deflect blades; a loose pair of brown shorts; a tight, black cotton hosiery; a brown, tattered loincloth.

Shoes: A pair of bear fur boots; a pair of leather sandals.

Other: A cotton, black cape; various small jewelries and baubles; a leather belt.
WeaponryA rusty old broadsword and a heavy axe.

Personality & Background