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Grey With His G-36

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGreyson Puch
SpeciesEurasian Wolf (C. lupus lupus)
Weight~180 lbs
SummaryMilitaristic, well built body, not hugely muscular but has a fair amount, wears a lot of gray

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThis wolf is clad in a coat of thick black fur with a gray underbelly. Some portions of his arms, legs, and tail, also have this shade of gray. Along the top sides of his muzzle and some of his inner ears have streaks of orange fur.
Hair ColourAs with the rest of his body it's black
Eye ColourGrey has deep sapphire eyes.
ClothingGrey often wears a what ever the situation he is in may call for. For formal ocations he may wear a Tuxedo, for combat situations he will have what ever camoflauge is called for. Grey can be commonly seen in a long red trench coat. His coat has a black inner lining and has pockets for various pieces of equipment that he will carry with him.
AccessoriesGrey has a pair of dogtags, as well as his weapons. He always has a basic med kit and extra ammunition.
WeaponryInside that trench coat Grey will have half a dozen throwing knives, an H&K G36 Assault Rifle, and a Beretta 92 side arm.
Special AbilitiesMarksman, musician
Outstanding FeaturesAfter deciding to become host to a phoenix from another realm he has gained the ability to control fire and heat.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGrey is a light hearted wolf who is generally easy to get along with, that is until he sees you as a threat. If you attempt to harm someone he cares for he will be ready to take you down if he can. When pushed Grey becomes strict and try to make things go his way.
BackgroundGrey faught in a war between canines and felines and lost his father to the same war. After the war Grey traveled around a lot until he came across a place called Wolf's Lounge. This place became like a home to him and he met people who became his best friends.
LikesGrey loves spending time with people he cares for.
DislikesGrey does not like anything that will disrupt that.
LocationWolf's Lounge
OccupationBartender at Wolf's lounge.

Just for Fun

Homepagei use http://www.furaffinity.net/user/puch62/
Favourite QuotePeace through Power/ Brotherhood Unity Peace

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