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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCameo_Wolf
SpeciesWolf/Jaguar Mix
Height5'6 MACRO-> 190FT
SummaryA playful young female with, a open mind to life and enjoys snuggling and making friends!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight Grey with white underbelly, heart shaped white fur on her rump..white around her eyes black right ear and white left ear, with long white tail black right foot paw , black spots on her hips and shoulders
Hair ColourLong black hair.
Eye ColourLight blue eyes
ClothingBlack, baseball cap with a wolf paw on the front of the hat, a blue leather collar with her silver bone style liscence on it. a grey zip up hoodie, with black tanktop..that says Bitch..along her chest, revealing her long waist and flat smooth tummy dark blue wide cargo pants hang off her hips revealing her white thong straps on her hips
Accessoriesrimless seeing eye glasses, fingerless white glove on her right paw, and a black gloved on her left paw
Special AbilitiesAngelic...magician
Outstanding Featuresa cresent moon scar along her right eye

Personality & Background

Personalityplayful...sexy openminded
LikesFUN! living life
DislikesMeanie weenies!