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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIvan Springfeld
SpeciesThylacine [tasmanian wolf and or tiger]
Summaryfive foot tall Tasmanian tiger and or wolf, or for the educated person; a Thylacine. Standing only five foot tall. He wears nothing out of the ordinary, just a pair long legged worn out cargo pants that are ripped up at the cuffs, and black in color. his fur is light blue with white belly fur and stripes being pink, bright frickan neon pink.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourlight blue tassie with an almost white belly fur, pink tassie stripes.
Hair ColourBright Pink
Eye ColourBright green
Clothinglong black worn out cargo pants. Pink striped arm warmers pink socks with white polka dots, when he isn't barepawed
Accessories glow stick earring on right ear in the shape of a cross, glowing bright pink.
Weaponryclaws and teeth?
Special Abilitieshyperspace expansion pouch which means nigh unlimited space in it.
Outstanding Featurespink hand and foot pads. his bright blue fur,

Personality & Background

Personalityvery fruity and iffy and cuddly and even somewhat dominating. Random as well. no not bi polar, just dooeasn't let patterns get into his life too much.
Likesshrinking and tormenting peeps. especially when they poke fun at him for being short.
Dislikesintolerant and ignorant people.
Locationdown here! in front of you!
Occupationexotic stripper fur