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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChristopher Reins
SpeciesWhite Dragon and Snow Leopard Hybrid
Heightbetween 1ft and 100ft but usually 6ft
Weightwhy would you ask that to someone?
SummaryChris is a unique breed for one of his parents was a dragon and the other was a snow leopard. He looks like a snow leopard but his ears come to more of a point, and his tail is a lot longer the normal, with the top showing a little bit of dragon spine bumps, with a spade shape at the end of his tail. His fur having a pure white look to it with the black spots and his head above his ears holding to three inch horns. His wings are pure white with light blue webbing in it, other then those few dragon features he appears as a complete snow leopard.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSnow white with black spots, and White wings that have the wing span of 29 ft
Hair ColourBlack always in a french braid pony tail
Eye ColourGreen with serpent look to the pupil
Clothingusually Tripp Black And Red Knuckle Zip-Off Pants, and Tripp Hardware Vest, Tripp Pyramid Strap Arm Warmers, Pleaser Black Zipper High-Tops(toeless), ((if your wondering what that looks like then go to Hot Topic.com and look for those in search.))but sometimes he wears a sleeveless fishnet top, and semi tight blue jeans, with elbow high pink arm warmers. (yes he is Gothic most of the time)
Accessoriessmall circular ear-piece-less glasses
Weaponryclaws and fire when he gets agitated
Special AbilitiesFlying and breathing fire
Outstanding FeaturesHis wings and rather large and long fluffy tail

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is usually outgoing and likes to hang around anyone, being somewhat of a femboi he is sweet and kind until he gets agitated, then this kitty dwaggie is not such a friendly guy
BackgroundHe doesn't know his family or anything about his past, for when he was born he was discarded like an old piece of paper, so he doesn't know much about families or anything of that nature. But he knows that he likes any breed of furry and any sex of one, be it female, herm, or male. He likes them all as long as they are sweet to him.
LikesAnything really....
DislikesVore, he doesn't like being eaten... Nawing though is ok
LocationThe mountains during the winter, and the city during the summer, spring, and fall.
OccupationA professional Chef

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLove is a perfect emoition for it brings along with it happyness and sadness, once the happyness is gone there is sadness, but the one that brings you everlasting happyness is the one love you need. - My quote

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