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Thank you Jazz ^.^ HeroİMe, myself and I. IbunİHis player. ArtİJazz Mudİhis player (he was there too ^.^)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameHero
Age5yrs old
Weight1935.36 lb

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA thin pelt of light grey fur.
Hair ColourHis hair is long and jet black in color.
Eye ColourCrystal blue.
Clothingnormal kiddie clothes.
WeaponryIsn't old enough for any of those, save for his short claws.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHyper and puplike
BackgroundLast year he was just an average everyday werewolf. For a short period of time, months prior, he was possessed by the spirit of his ancestor. Through dark magics the two were eventually separated. Both of them thought that it would be the last time their paths would cross. But they were wrong. Months have passed since that tramatic experience. But little did he know that their fates were still intertwined. When Resu gave up his own life to revive Wolfette, there was a magical backlash, which had a severe inpact upon Hero himself. Even though Wolfette had managed to revive Resu, the damage had already been done, leaving Hero trapped in the body of a 5yr old. Thankfully Mud and Lillie were more than willing to take him under their wing.
LikesTV Time!!!!!!!! Staying up late.
OccupationHe's only 5yrs old. >.>
Additional InfoWas adopted by Mud and Lillie

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Just your average pup with a short attention span."

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